What’s this weird stuff?

Who called this blog a deady? Just because it’s been hacked, whacked, mutilated and abandoned for years now? C’mon. New Worlds can never die. It is however, in a state of momentary boringness because the old theme just seemed to be incompatible with the modern world. For now it’s using the standard WordPress 2016 theme as a standin until I can find some time to find a better one. I made the determination that boring is better than crippled and bleeding all over the floor of the internet. At least it works.

Weam on.

Max Starts A Scottish Lily-Sniffer Club.

(Photo: Pictish Nerdboy What Loves The Lilies.)

Because that’s just what ‘Kinnons do at a certain age.

Keeps you young and virile, he says. Plus, chicks dig scars, and glory last forever, right?

Says there’s some coin to be made.

I’m thinking about it. Skills like that are bankable post apoco, I hear.

Max is good at hacking these post-life crises.

I am joking. I just wanted to post something on this old Deady.

But still, send me a line if you’re feeling like getting into a little rough trouble, Culloden-Style.

Also, if you got this far, I’m picking out the twenty best Jupiter Sheep songs ever for a collection album. iTunes and a new website and everything. Please, offer your choices for what should be on the list so I can laugh at them.