Добро пожаловать!

Kind of weird to have a Russian wife, be a true admirer of Russian culture, have more Russian friends than Americans, practice learning Russian daily including memorizing words to Russian songs while intending to sing them to a bunch of Russians… meanwhile Russia is taking over our country by installing and controlling a puppet President.

Six decades after Sputnik, the Russians finally win.

10 thoughts on “Добро пожаловать!”

  1. A song I wrote just after the election but never played.

    Verse 1
    Dm F Am
    We could have had the fair-minded lady
    Dm F G
    leading us to better days ahead
    Dm F Am
    we could have had hope for the climate
    Dm F Am
    with fewer species joining with the dead

    Verse2 (Bbm ending first two lines)
    we could have had strong and wise advisors
    protecting our rights and standing tall
    we could have had a growing healthy future
    with clean energy and better jobs for all

    Am G Dm
    instead we got this nut with zero knowledge
    Am G Dm
    just a slogan to make the country great
    Am G Em F
    instead of building toward a decent future
    Dm F Am C Dm
    we’ll end up with darkness……… and hate

    Verse 3
    Hillary concerned you with her emails
    she seemed to be a flawed candidate
    Now you have a man who only wanted to be king
    you had your perfect chance but now.. it’s too late

    It’s a bit in the tone of a funeral march. Was thinking of playing it at a party but figured people would rather have a good time.

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