jelly belly quelly

well here we are in the Narrative
good guys bad guys shades of gray
twists and turns and stomach drops
secrets plots and money drops
stealy cheaty boredy bad
no one knows what makes it sour
irradiated by the hour
check and balance crack and fall
it means us all so why?
they stay in pictures flat and gray
bathe in fear as if it feeds
judge the giver chop the tree
and turn the world to mud
but narratives are human things
drawn up to talk to future beings
anthropocentric nonsense memes
that do not sway the microkings
just begun their feast.

1 thought on “jelly belly quelly”

  1. What is your true age, I wonder?
    Is it merely the number of circuits
    this orb has made ‘round its parent
    star since the occasion of your birth?

    Is it the number of happenings
    which you have known in series
    and oft-times at once while
    you have graced this world?

    Is it the time that has passed
    since your atoms were assembled
    and made their long journey to be
    composed into this beauteous form?

    Is it the passage that has been known
    by your loved ones while they have
    accompanied you, like the wondrous
    twenty-one years gifted to your husband?

    Or is it the moments that have
    transpired since the latest rendition
    of “you” was revealed to all in the
    arising of your consciousness this very day?

    You are at once newborn,
    ephemeral, timeless and eternal.
    You are whatever age you choose
    to be in any moment, my beloved.

    (written for a loved-one’s recent milestone birthday which wasn’t entirely welcomed due to the change in first digit)

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