We’re In An Undeclared War With Russian Mobsters Who Bought The GOP.

Byron Callisto, March 24, 2017 

Welcome to the future.

Nuke Putin.

Google Bikes! Just for you, Max.

Byron Callisto, March 23, 2017 

Sky would love this

Max, March 12, 2017 


Byron Callisto,  

Post Reality.

Byron Callisto, March 9, 2017 

The Purpose Of Consciousness.

Byron Callisto, March 5, 2017 

The crassier stretched across the sky in perspective as they drew closer, and now only the massive concrete cube of the minehead was visible beyond it. Abbot’s leg was sending massive arcing signals that he consciously forced his brain to ignore, because, he reflected amidst the flood of pain, his conscious mind could better interpret the overarching danger posed by contact with angry Scotsmen. That, he thought, was the purpose of consciousness; to correctly prioritize Scotsmen and lesser threats. A primary Darwinian truth, conferring a successful genetic variance on the survivors. The train of thought made him laugh out loud, which brought a disapproving look from Joe. Still, Abbot thought it an enlightening concept, worthy of further consideration.

From WW by Byron Cornell Bellamy

“To correctly prioritize Scotsmen and lesser threats.”

Have you heard

Byron Callisto, March 3, 2017 

about this new band The Murder Merchants?

Awesome! I love that song Brink Of Love!

It almost sounds like Missy Io! Well, no one could be that good. But still!

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