Us and Them

Max, June 26, 2017 

Many years ago, long before this blog was hacked and the content was lost and I thought I knew how to write intelligently, I wrote an essay about the problem of Us against Them.

This guy knows how to write.

Why Your Brain Hates Other People

Sapolsky is brilliant.

Donald F Trump

Max, June 16, 2017 

Perfect metaphor. Just need to identify the gadget that started the process. Twitter?

Roger Waters rocks San Jose

Max, June 9, 2017 

Brilliant show as expected. You really don’t want to miss this tour. Nice review here.

Bucket Zen.

Byron Callisto, June 3, 2017 

Stunningly unreal

Max, June 1, 2017 

Full screen and headphones.

Hard to believe that is a real place.

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