Max Starts A Scottish Lily-Sniffer Club.

(Photo: Pictish Nerdboy What Loves The Lilies.)

Because that’s just what ‘Kinnons do at a certain age.

Keeps you young and virile, he says. Plus, chicks dig scars, and glory last forever, right?

Says there’s some coin to be made.

I’m thinking about it. Skills like that are bankable post apoco, I hear.

Max is good at hacking these post-life crises.

I am joking. I just wanted to post something on this old Deady.

But still, send me a line if you’re feeling like getting into a little rough trouble, Culloden-Style.

Also, if you got this far, I’m picking out the twenty best Jupiter Sheep songs ever for a collection album. iTunes and a new website and everything. Please, offer your choices for what should be on the list so I can laugh at them.

1 thought on “Max Starts A Scottish Lily-Sniffer Club.”

  1. Oh God! Don’t tell anyone this site exists until I fix the layout. Holy Shit.

    OK, my list as requested.

    Something is Dreaming

    Just kidding!

    Top of my head (may revise):

    1. Jupiter Sheep
    2. Sunday it Rained
    3. WWB
    4. Dread
    5. Captain Wilson
    6. Father Whelan
    7. The Dog
    8. Chronosynclastic Enfidibulum (sp?)
    9. Michelle (slow version)
    10. Speed Generation
    11. Radio Sol
    12. Nobody Knows
    13. N-life
    14. Hassan d’Rush
    15. Time of Our Lives
    16. Bound to You
    17. Love For This One
    18. World on Fire
    19. Satellite
    20. Take Me Back (To The Old Country)

    I’ll definitely take another shot at it, but that last one’s a keeper.

    I kind of like the Obey Max, btw. Looks like I have a nice virile – if partial – beard I could only ever fantasize about.

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