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About this blog

onceknownasadmin, 2006/01/30 

What’s this blog all about, eh? It’s something I’ve intended to do for a very long time but always figured that it would take weeks if not months of web design, testing, etc. to get it off the ground. Fortunately, while I’ve been waiting, the blogging phenomenom has taken off like crazy and now there are a lot of tools and pre-built systems for getting started. I chose WordPress based on a review I found online which hyped it as very powerful, customizable, and easy to get started with. I’ve found all of these claims to be true. The look and feel is based on a “theme” called Stucco which I found linked from the WordPress site along with many others. The available themes vary greatly in appearance and somewhat less in functionality, though some have a lot of fancy plugins that I might dabble with later.

I’ve structured the blog to suit my interests, with the main categories accessible from the menu items across the top of the page. Click the “read more” link below for a quick tour of what you should come to expect in each of these categories.

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