Discovery Launches Tomorrow

Max, 2006/06/30 

I think we’ve heard enough about the lunatic bicyclist. Space Shuttle flight  STS-121 launches tomorrow, weather permitting. I just read a simply excellent diary on Daily Kos about the launch and the future of the space program. Please take a look.

Justice in the most unlikely places…

Senrab, 2006/06/29 

Todays Supreme Court decicison in Hamdan vs Rumfeld should be encouraging to all of you “end of the world as we know it” types. Check it out in its full glory:

This is a decision made directly against the administration by a clear majority including the  administrations own most recent appointees.

My cynical side believes the administration never beleived it woud be able to sustain its arguments in ths case (or forthcoming domestic spying cases), but boldy (aggressively/insanely/recklessly might also be substituted) determined to take action for as long as it took for challenges to wind through the court, and then gracefully bow out when defeated. 

Also, please note that the ruling is complex.  Government is complex.  The United States leads the world in reconciling complex issues of the rights of the peson vs the rights of the people (e.g. religions, business, and government) in every aspect of daily life.  Any alternative will have to establish mechanisms for doing the same (regardless of what planet its on!).  This, to me is an example of checks and balances at its best.

New Fake Max Has ‘Bicycle Accident’ To Allow For ‘Different Face.’


Don’t Buy It. This NSA plant was getting tired of wearing the latex mask, and so staged this ‘accident’ to generate a viable excuse for a face change.  I mean, just look at the photo.  Is that the Max you knew and loved?  No — he’s dead.  And I suspect the tone and character of his blog -post will now continue to trend towards the administration-friendly.

But I know better.  And I’ll bet I’ll pay for my perception soon enough.  Long live the Factinista!

The bike is Max


I was going to title this post “Max earns his rep” or something to that effect. I feel that Byronious’s portrayal of Max as a mad fool courting death at every opportunity and jeopardizing the lives of his companions is entirely unjustified as I tend to lead a fairly cautious life on average. Every once in a while, however, an occasion arises in which I do act just a little bit loony and unhinged and can live with a bit too much gusto. Such an event occurred on this past Monday, and it appeared that Max had indeed earned his reputation for once. On further reflection, I thought that the true “Max” in this case was my traveling companion who’d led me to my doom. Byron set the matter strait, however, when told the details of the story by proclaiming that the bike is Max. You be the judge.

(don’t read on if you can’t stand the site of blood)

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The Meaning of Life

Jeremy, 2006/06/03 

The meaning of life may not be the thing you think about every day. But I was asking myself everyday… what is the reason we are here? Why are we adapted to look like we do in this life? Why do we eat Earth’s crops and animals? Why do we need to do this? Well that is getting into how our body works, but what I was asking was why do we have our living bodies that use our Earth to live? I don’t believe in God so I can’t ask why has God made us like this. Then after thinking very hard I thought about what my destiny is in life. My destiny is to live underwater, or if not, to live somewhere in Hawaii. So I thought, this is the meaning of my life. So all the other people at least have one wish for themselves. If not a big one it can be as little as finding some pen for some paperwork. If you don’t have a wish I suggest you get one.

To be continued…

Here’s where I died


Ride route

With the aid of a GPS, my trusty 10-speed Nishiki, some cool software, and too much manic energy, I bring you the route I rode yesterday which resulted in my untimely demise. I arose Friday morning with an intense fervor to cross not one but two mountain ranges to get to the nearest BART station so that I could claim to have gotten to work without the aid of a car. The route was about 18 miles and involved first a 900 foot climb over Montara Mountain on an ancient highway, now crumbling and washed out in many places, then after descending to almost sea level, climbing yet again to over 1200 feet mostly on a rugged mountain bike trail over Sweeney Ridge. The second ridge is famous for being the spot where the first Europeans spotted San Francisco Bay, the Portola Expedition of 1789. Many ships had passed the fog shrouded Golden Gate before this time but no one knew of the existence of the vast body of water to the east.

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Max is Dead.

byronius, 2006/06/01 

I recieved a note from Homeland Security, Blog Division.

“The HS Blog Divsion have noted that has not been updated recently.  We believe the author may have been kidnapped, or is dead.  Do you have any information on this individual?  He may still be in Homeland Security processing.  If this is so, ignore this notice.  In addition, why are you wearing clashing colors today?  Please respond.”
I responded with some ill-advised note about ‘never taking me alive, copper’.  Very sad.  We shall all miss him.

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