This Post Just Didn’t Feel Right.

byronius, 2006/09/29 

Maybe just a day of silence. 

A Cautious Post From Space Elvis.


death delete me if i lie

i've always been a fuzzy guy

a vasty range but rarely deep

 i have delved but rarely keep

 he was right to some extent

i have large holes within my tent

try as i might the words just mix

into my vat of byron-tricks

i do not know what's going on

senrab may be right or wrong

i do not know but i still write

deep in fuzzy byron night

once max and i were sealed in fear

car in the drive!  he's coming near

now we've changed — the father's role

first to defend and first to go

we used to do what we now won't

uncle meat has changed us both

no more hiding like

steely rats.

The Centrism of Cowardice


There is a short, but beautiful diary up at DailyKos by one of the better writers on the site on the topic of the Senate's "torture bill," which narrowly passed yesterday. I urge you to read it. Here's an excerpt:

I am confident of history. I am confident that the words of shallow men lie in shallow graves, while the words of strong ones lie deep and strong and unyielding. And I am confident that the difference between centrism and cowardice is, when the newspaper columns have faded, when the microphones have been turned off, when the faxes lie silent once again, recognizable to all.

The Centrism of Cowardice  

Perezoso and Blind Willie have left the building

Max, 2006/09/28 

Sorry folks, but he crossed the line. I really didn't want to do it. I thought he brought a lot to the table and it was heartwarming for a while to feel like I had helped to bring an old friend back into the fold. I suppose he will blame me for this, even though it seems obvious I cut him an awful lot of slack. I was tempted to ask for a vote so I could spread the responsibility around, but I guess I do have a duty to do the ol' onerous admin crapola. The thrill of being able to edit absolutely anything and wield the awful IFOD comes at a terrible price. If anyone thinks this action is in error please let me know. If you want to know more about the specific offense(s) that "crossed the line" contact me via private email. I won't dirty the site with that filth any longer.

Read it and weep


From CNN's Ted Barrett

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Bush barely mentioned the war in Iraq when he met with Republican senators behind closed doors in the Capitol Thursday morning and was not asked about the course of the war, Sen. Trent Lott, R-Mississippi, said.

"No, none of that," Lott told reporters after the session when asked if the Iraq war was discussed. "You're the only ones who obsess on that. We don't and the real people out in the real world don't for the most part."

Lott went on to say he has difficulty understanding the motivations behind the violence in Iraq.

"It's hard for Americans, all of us, including me, to understand what's wrong with these people," he said. "Why do they kill people of other religions because of religion? Why do they hate the Israeli's and despise their right to exist? Why do they hate each other? Why do Sunnis kill Shiites? How do they tell the difference? They all look the same to me."

‘Puto’. ‘Phaggot’. ‘Galpal.’


   Of all the names the Pizzaman has slung at me, these hurt the worst.  I grew up as a homophobe, and feared and hated the concept of homosexuality.  I ended up in an experimental play in college with a guy named Frank.  He was gay, and he had a boyfriend bigger than me.  Frank and I did the full Artaud repetoire of acting work together; actually, we did the full Steve Hart Repertoire, much scarier, a great deal of prolonged physical and spiritual contact and partial nudity orchestrated by a genius in a silver bodysuit, Steve Hart, who was possibly one of the most manly heterosexuals I have ever met.  A True Man, not a fake man.  No bluster, no dominance-games — just Power.  You know what I mean.   Anyway.

     I was frightened to touch Frank at first, because he had AIDS, as did his partner.  There was no room for hesitation, though;  Hart was like a demon, a loving monster of professional creation-passion.  He's directing off-Broadway in NYC now.  Made a couple of movies.  Even back then, he could not be disobeyed.  We were his dedicated crew.  I dispensed with my homophobia quickly.  And then for five months, seven days a week, five hours a day, I got to know Frank really, really well. And I loved him dearly.

    He was a nice person.  He did all sorts of good things with his life.  But he had one trauma that dominated — he was the youngest son of a large family, all of whom had ostracized him for his sexuality.  His fundamentalist-christian older brother was the most virulent about Frank's enforced rejection.  The ironic and hard-to-speak truth of Frank was that he had been sexualized from age four on by this very same brother.  Frank was heartbroken by the rejection.  It was the greatest disappointment of his life.

   I once sat knee-to-knee with Frank for about three hours, staring into each other's eyes, chanting back and forth, "I can be hurt by you".  Sounds strange, but after about twenty minutes, you sort of merge with the other person;  after about three hours, you'll never be the same two people, ever again.  Frank was a wonderful human, witty, well-read, downright excellent as a friend.  He helped cure me of my homophobia, once and for all.

     Frank died a couple of years later, and his boyfriend soon after.  He's part of the Quilt.  One of the women in The Cast, Valina, made it.

     To the point:  The use of the terms 'Puto', which is a anti-homosexual slur , 'Phaggot', which is a mispelling of a anti-homosexual slur, and 'Galpal', which implies that there is a homosexual relationship between Max and I in which I represent the female side — are unacceptable terms to be used in public discourse.   Using such words as epithets indicates a deep and undealt-with fear and hatred of homosexuality. and implies that the speaker or writer has an emotional/philosophical disability about it.  It's not O.K.  It's wrong.  It is a bad way of thinking.  People should change, and grow out of it.

     Names, names, names.  Racist slurs.  Anti-homosexual slurs.  They're the worst, they hurt everyone.  None else penetrate, for where there is no honor in the issuer, there is no impact in insult.  But I hear 'puto', and 'phaggot', and I think of Frank, and lose my temper a little bit.  That's just All Wrong.  It's Bad Thinking.  Bad Living.  No Wisdom.  No Truth.  You Have Nothing To Say That Means Anything, If You Say These Things.   You're Ignorant.  No one should listen to you, if you say these things.  

     Presupposing a soul in some fashion —  a clean soul is a happy soul, and a clean soul means overcoming hatred and prejudice, and reaching out to all humans as a way of living.  Helping.  End of story.

    Anything else is bullshit, and needs to be dispensed with.  Like those terms.   


Dirty, Rotten, Stinkin’ IslamoTerrorFasciNazis.


 Looks JUST like a buncha them Al-Quaedas.

Oh, wait.  No.  Actually, America's finest.

Ah, perception. Hey — is that Aldous?

Clinton and Olberman


While surfing the net I occasionally run into links to video clips of political interest and download them to view at a later time. I've chosen to move two recent clips to the New Worlds server so I can link to them here and assume they'll stick around for awhile. The first is the recent appearance of former President Bill Clinton on a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace (son of Mike Wallace, the famous 60 Minutes journalist).

Bill Clinton on Fox News

Wallace attempts to sandbag the former president with the accusation that he hadn't done enough to stop and/or kill bin Laden during his presidency. It's not an understatement to say Clinton gets pissed. I urge you to watch the clip in its entirety if you haven't yet done so. The right wing likes to show bits and pieces of this interview to show how Clinton is 'crazed' and 'unhinged', etc. Seeing the full interview conveys a different impression.

The second clip is a very recent "special comment" by Keith Olberman of MSNBC's Countdown that addresses the interview featured above. It is nothing less than astounding. Olberman has come a long way from his ESPN days and is now one of the best jounalists in this country. You get a palpable feel for the current events as truly historic by his reading. Enjoy.

Olberman on Clinton on Fox  

Crypto Zoo Fascist Marx Nietzsche Anglo Meso Regime Neo

Senrab, 2006/09/27 

Just for fun, I decided to cram a bunch of jargon together and see what Google came up with.  I was expecting rant-ology, but was intruiged to find…

 This Thesis was conceived under singular circumstances. The author was in custody, convicted of  offences arising from a 1989 shotgun attack upon the home of Eddie Funde, Representative to Australia of the African National Congress. On October 6 1994, I appeared for Sentence on another charge in the District Court at Parramatta. I had been convicted of participation in an unsuccessful attempt to damage a vehicle belonging to a neo-nazi informer. My Thesis -proposal was tendered as evidence of my prospects for rehabilitation and I was cross-examined about that document. The Judge (whose Sentence was inconsequential) said:

"… Mr Saleam said in evidence that his doctorate [sic] of philosophy will engage his attention for the foreseeable future; that he has no intention of using these exertions to incite violence."

I pondered how it was possible to use a Thesis to incite violence. This exercise in courtroom dialectics suggested that my thoughts, a product of my experiences in right-wing politics, were considered acts of subversion. I concluded that the Extreme Right was ‘The Other Radicalism’, understood by State agents as odorous as yesteryear’s Communist Party.

My interest in Extreme Right politics derived from a quarter-century involvement therein, at different levels of participation. Andrew Moore said I was:

"… an unusual figure … [with] … a genuine academic interest in theories of fascism."

Participation can affect historical accuracy and integrity. However, in this case, it gave me the advantage of discerning the topography of the Extreme Right.

 If you are in the mood for a political jargon-fest, this is the place; you can read the entire thesis at The Other Radicalism

Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke.


     Author of Strategy: Theory and Applications.  I have a rare copy.  He was part of a Prussian Military Machine; the Architect; the Poet of War Maneuver.  Arguably the Father of Modern Warfare.  He considered himself a Christian, and supported both democratic ideals and rights for women.  Many Prussian officers of this era, Bismark notwithstanding, considered themselves the Defenders of Moderate Sanity.  Scientists.  A casted order, but not cruel.  Moltke and his fellow officers believed in Public Policy — by which I mean, the science of civilization.  They authored the German State.  Most of them would become early Hitler-Haters.  Some of them were Jewish.

     I have found myself often derided for my immersion in Heinlein, even though I'm much more of a Harrison-Head;  but it is my attraction and appreciation for Helmuth Von Moltke that would probably serve to help place me in a much darker light.  I'm fascinated by that period in Germany.  My Great -Grandfather fought for the Kaiser for five years on the Western Front — he was raised on stories about the Legendary Moltke, as a boy.  Germany after 1840 was a wild, wild life.  A wild ride to the end, that came in 1918.

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