Should minorities be allowed to vote?

byronius, 2007/05/31 

Greg Palast's Armed Madhouse is a startling book.  I thought I knew all about this stuff — but I'm getting a real education.  He starts off with a well-organized, deft analysis of the conflict between Big Oil and the Neocons, and how this conflict has guided and metastasized the Iraq war.  The details are unnerving.  The research, including many exclusive photostatic copies of secret documents, and hidden-tape-recorder interviews, tells a terrible story.  The problem with Greg Palast is that he's right.  It's a scary read at times — what these men will do to maintain power is catastrophic for any democracy, for reason, for life.

He then writes about the big topic for me — Election Fraud.  This is an issue that I get emotional about, because it leads societies to disaster, witness these days, I rest my case.  Greg Palast treats the subject with extraordinary detail, interviewing all key figures, providing photographed documents, recording, and video.  As I read on, I found myself getting angrier.  He emphasizes that the practices that Republicans used to suppress minority votes in 2000 and 2004 are still in place, and that in 2008, the Republicans will again successfully suppress the votes of MILLIONS of legally registered, law-abiding, American Citizens.  The Republican Party has somehow become empowered to start elections with a multi million vote lead.  They use Governors, Secretaries of State, Federal Attorneys, District Election Supervisors, State Police, and myriad legions of other right-wing political operatives to:

    * Engage in 'caging'.  The Republican Party has been under a restraining order since the 1960's not to engage in caging, which is the practice of purging state voter rolls by race.  Greg Palast has provided emails to Waxman and Conyers, intercepted by a friend who operates;  a clerk mistakenly addressed one of the CC:'s to the .org address, and they gave the entire set of emails to Greg Palast.  They contain strategy discussions,  multiple and lengthy lists in Excel attachments that detail black voters that will be the targets of the caging.  They actually use the word 'caging'.  They also mention Karl Rove, Monica Goodling, and Tim Griffin. The list includes Black American soldiers on active duty in Iraq, who have now been removed from the voter rolls without their knowledge, by Republicans engaging in caging.   Their ballots will not be counted.   They will never know.  Republicans have successfully blocked any investigation into these matters where they control the State Legislatures.
    * Provide either too few or malfunctioning machines to minority districts nationwide, including the notorious Sequoia pushbuttons that refuse to record votes for president in minority communities in Arizona and New Mexico, at a rate astronomically higher than in Bush/Cheney distircts. There are also the 'ghost votes' all throughout New Mexico, as many as thirteen thousand, in which votes for Bush in Republican-controlled districts exceeded the number of registered voters.  Bush won New Mexico in 2004 by six thousand votes.  Again, all investigation has been blocked, and there is no short-term Federal solution for these matters.  They are going to happen again.  No one can prevent it.  The Republican Party gets to do this.  Because it can.
    * Engage in Tabulator Fraud.  Some states, like California, have elected activist Secretaries of States like Debra Bowen, who are struggliing to clean out the viper's nest of Diebold and ES&S machines that were spread through CA counties by McPherson;  others have permanently installed systems without any available auditing or oversight, in which the votes are counted secretly and with proprietary software by companies owned by Republican activists.  In these states, like Florida, the problem has worsened under Jeb Bush.  Every attempt has been made to prevent oversight, auditing, or investigation.  In many states, disputed elections will be investigated directly after the legal destruction of all evidence.  Again, there is nothing that can be done in these states.  They are controlled by Republicans.  End of story.

State's rights, after all.  Except when they interfere with the neocon looting.

Palast also presents interviews and detailed analyses of districts in which compromised Democrats with financial ties to Diebold have blocked audits and destroyed evidence, in effect allowing Democratic voters to be disenfranchised for personal gain.  After all, Diebold and ES&S provide free yearly cruises to the Organization of Secretaries of State, serving the finest champagne and caviar.  And they have very, very deep pockets when it comes to campaign contributions.   It will always be a temptation as long as such things are legal.

Palast's work for the BBC has been extensive and thorough.  This book contains many harsh truths and much critical evidence,  but it is the fact of incurable election fraud that plagues me, because it is the seed from which all Neocon Disease sprouts.  The Republican Party commits election fraud in an organized and well-financed fashion, impinging on the civil liberties of all Americans, but more specifically the millions of minority voters that tend to favor Democrats.  It is a fact of life in this beleaguered nation that the Republicans get a head start on every election because they are willing to do what it takes.

So I ask the question again:  should minorities be allowed to vote?  How about homeless people?  How about people who can't read?  How about law-abiding, registered people that you fear and hate and who don't generally vote for your candidates?

A Head Start.  Millions of votes.  In every election, for as long as they are willing to do what it takes.  It is unfair, unethical, unworkable, and un-American.  It is Not Democracy.

And for this, may every Republican come to understand — this is your party.   This is what they do.  And you helped.

Goddamn it.

Greg Palast

the view from the red star

raison detre,  

hey Max!

  what's the name of this building? is it part of the 4 seasons?

i miss my view… my view from the red star. now i stare at dna embossed grey panels and have to have the overhead lights on.  No more watching the cargo ships coming into the bay, or looking into this building… which was right in front of my window, across the street. it was fun to watch the clouds change against the ornamentation, the fog roll in, the sky change colors.  Now, if i go outside, it's a sheer wind tunnel at all hours in this high rise… and it's always cold and gray. 'course when i make my way home, it's the same way.  but i digress, so what's the name of the building?

Could Obama be just a competent version of Bush?


I don't want to bump the worthy Milo's letter too far down, but this posting:

I'm sorry – Obama's foreign policy creeps me out

is really creeping me out. I might have to start working to defeat one of our own. 

A letter from the front.

byronius, 2007/05/30

By Milo Freeman, SPC, United States Army, Iraq

Memorandum for Record: Military Spending Concerns

FROM: SPC Freeman, Milo; US Army, Iraq

TO: Senate Democrats, Republicans, and "American Idol" viewers across the nation.

1. You. Punk. Ass. Pantywaisted. Bitches.

2. You had a chance. You could have put your money where your mouth is–could have put some ass behind all those claims of "favoring an end to war."

3. And you fucking choked.

4. Let me explain something to you. Your children; your spouses; your lovers and friends and parents and CONSTITUENTS are hostages to this war. They're dying for a conflict with no concrete objective. They're losing marriages and childhood moments to a neverending cycle of extended tours. Their equipment, their morale, is stretched thin. And some of them–those of us smart enough not to buy the fucking hype–were counting on you to find your fucking testicles and put an end to this shit. We were counting on you to save us from ourselves; to find a way to put us to use serving our country in ways perhaps more effective in rebuilding our nation.

5. And you. Fucking. Choked.

6. I haven't gotten a current edition of the paper in months. It's always a day behind. I don't get to check the news–I barely have the time. So what am I to think when I read yesterday's Stars and Stripes, and hear about this shit? Is that supposed to tell me that my leaders, my countrymen give a flying FUCK about what happens to me or my wife? Is that the message I'm supposed to glean from this STUNNING lack of cojones? Because I gotta tell you, America, I'm not seeing it.

7. I'm so sick of hearing this wretched war talked about in terms of Victory or Defeat. "If we leave, the terrorists will win."

8. Fuck that.

9. Today it's Terrorists. Yesterday it was Blacks/Gays/Jews/Hippies. Before that it was Communists. Before that, it was Uppity Colonials with Secondhand Muskets and Pitchforks. It's always fucking something with you people, isn't it?

10. You just need your little wars to feel good about yourselves, don't you? Something to make you feel threatened; something to make you feel heroic; ANYTHING to make you feel like your pathetic lives are more than just you against the Big, Black, Scary Infinite. Well, obviously, it's working.

11. You don't magically "win" an occupation. It's an inevitable bleed-out. We're stuck in a situation beyond our powers to fix, in a country that WE voted to destroy, whose history and people we neither understand nor care to try. We bought the hype, hook-line-and-sinker.

12. Fuck Victory. Fuck Defeat. Any way you slice it, This. War. Is. Wrong.

13. You don't keep trying to win the game after it turns out you bribed the refs. You fire the coaches and/or players responsible, and you hand over the Title. You take your lumps like a fucking man and try to rebuild. Accept it.

13. Hope you're happy, America. Clutch your pearls about all those dirty liberals who voted against the proposal ("They didn't Support The Troops!"). Whine about all the evil elderly schoolteachers and librarians protesting the war on a Saturday morning outside your courthouse.

14. But when your son or daughter or spouse or first lay comes home airfreight, mangled into a closed-casket service by a daisy-chain of 155s buried under Route Tampa, remember this:

15. It won't be the dirty liberals who put them there.

16. Hoo-ah.



Milo Freeman, SPC

United States Army, Iraq

His blog:

ginsberg color study

raison detre,  

still a work in progress 

Serious Cat.

byronius, 2007/05/29 

Thought about deleting the expletive.


Here's another.

The Last American President.


How’s this for an inlfammatory title?



Dyslexia 'is just a middle-class way to hide stupidity'

I wodner if we could get OReilly's take on this (or the Wombakinnon if he still exists).

I've had similar thoughts about ADHD because it's been very tempting to self-diagnose it in my case. Sometimes I just wonder if I'm not looking for an excuse to be such a bonehead. Now what the hell was I going to say? Whose post is this?

dedicated post

raison detre, 2007/05/28 


you know you're dedicated when you're in your slippers.

Ooooo. The Mars Mystery Hole.


The HiRise on the Mars Orbiter took this picture.  Below is a closeup of the hole, apparently more than 100 meters across.  No detail is visible.  This is a huge, deep cavern.  Probably with martians inside.  Waiting to take over the earth.  We must act premptively, and build fleets of spaceships to go to Mars and attack the threat before the threat attacks our children.

I shall volunteer.

This is Max stepping into byronius' post to say that the more I look at this picture the more freaky it gets.

Update:  More information — there are seven of these.

This is cool — the deepest sinkhole on Earth, just now being fully explored.

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