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Max, 2007/06/30 

I was looking for a particular post on science the other day, so I looked in the Geeks category and saw that there were a ton of non-geeky posts there. Then I looked in Planet and saw ALL THE SAME POSTS there. Then I looked, to my horror, in each category and they were EVERYWHERE. Bad horror flick comes to NW. Some joker who knows who he/she is, has been categorizing almost every post in almost every category. Grumble, grumble….

I fixed all the ones dating back a couple of months. Rule of thumb: try to find the single best category for the post. Put it in two categories at most. I know sometimes posts touch on almost everything- but resist the urge to click more than two. Grumble, grumble… 

One more thing… GET OFF MY LAWN!

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Noctilucent Clouds


Noctilucent clouds

Riffing off of byronius' Eye Candy post, I got thoroughly intrigued by the phenomenon of noctilucent, or night-shining clouds. These mysterious and beautiful clouds seem  to be caused by humans in one form or another, possibly due to global warming or even from space shuttle exhaust. Here's a good article about a new UC Boulder/NASA mission to study them and here is a nice gallery of back yard photos people have taken recently. What a weird world.

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Dude — I dropped my sun into a neutron star, and got this lightspeed jet. Woah.

byronius, 2007/06/29 

Neutron Stars Join the Black Hole Jet Set


This artist’s illustration depicts the jet of relativistic particles blasting out of Circinus X-1, a system where a neutron star is in orbit with a star several times the mass of the Sun. The neutron star, an extremely dense remnant of an exploded star consisting of tightly packed neutrons, is seen as the sphere at the center of the disk. The powerful gravity of the neutron star pulls material from the companion star (shown as the blue star in the background) into a so-called accretion disk surrounding it. Through a process that is not fully understood, a jet of material moving at nearly the speed of light is generated. A high percentage of the energy available from material falling toward the neutron star is converted into powering this jet.

The image in the inset is Chandra's X-ray image of the neutron star in Circinus X-1. Low energy X-rays are shown in red, medium energy X-rays in green and high energies in blue. The jet itself is seen to the upper right corner and consists of two fingers of X-ray emission (shown in red) separated by about 30 degrees. These two fingers, located at least about 5 light years from the neutron star, may represent the outer walls of a wide jet. Alternatively, they may represent two separate, highly collimated jets produced at different times by a precessing neutron star. That is, the neutron star may wobble like a top as it spins and the jet fires at different angles at different times. The structures on the opposite side (to the lower left) may be evidence for counter jets.

Democratic Underground poster n2doc has gotten in the habit of posting 'Friday Night Eye Candy', which is SO COOL.  I've explored the links for hours — I don't know who this person is, but they ROCK.  This series has excellent images of Titan, Mars, Enceladus, supernovas, Mimas, Tethys — wow.

Friday Night Eye Candy

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The True Story Of The Jupiter Sheep — Part II.


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Clone him, please?

Max, 2007/06/28 

Today the actions of literally millions of otherwise law-abiding users of marijuana, and of the majority of voters in each of the several States that tolerate medicinal uses of the product, lead me to wonder whether the fear of disapproval by those in the majority in silencing opponents of the war on drugs.

Justice John Paul Stevens  

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Out, Damned Spot.


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you never know when…


Next time you're cruising along a mountain highway try giving this a thought…

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The True Story Of The Jupiter Sheep.

byronius, 2007/06/27 

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Mona Lisa in MS Paint


You artists out there should enjoy this:

Maybe it's even more fascinating to a non-artist. Interesting how much attention went into getting the smile just right. 

This post certified 100% snide-free.

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Drink Up.


The Vice President's a Sovereign Nation!  And I'm moving there!  'Cause you can do anything you want — all the time!  Every day!  Woohoooo!

But it's smelly. 

Still —  a little Mellaril —

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