The harrowing truth

Max, 2009/05/31 

The harrowing truth remains unchanged from what it was before Cheney emerged from his bunker to set Washington atwitter. The Bush administration did not make us safer either before or after 9/11. Obama is not making us less safe. If there’s another terrorist attack, it will be because the mess the Bush administration ignored in Pakistan and Afghanistan spun beyond anyone’s control well before Americans could throw the bums out.

Frank Rich




Janine Rousseau. Gil Morrison.

Nanothermite And False Flags.

byronius, 2009/05/30 

Hard evidence that Dick Cheney is a horrifying American-hating monster often frightens mud-ball crawlers into angry mockery and violent delusion.

Did you know that a recent poll shows that 50% of New Yorkers think the Bush Administration had prior knowledge of 9/11?

Stolen elections and massive false-flag operations designed to achieve totalitarianism — thanks, Throwbacks! ™


byronius, 2009/05/29 

Various bits from Talking Points Memo:

Putting Out Fire with Gasoline

We explained earlier how the Sotomayor battle has blown up the until-now simmering fight between GOP pragmatists (want to get reelected) and fire breathers (want to fundraise and burn heretics at the stake) by injecting the explosive issues of race, nativism and gender into the equation. Now Newt Gingrich has responded to Sen. Cornyn’s call to basically shut the hell up by turning the volume way up on the Sotomayor as anti-American racist freak by invoking the Civil War, civil rights and arguing that American civilization itself may be at stake if her brand of ‘racism’ isn’t defeated.

Annals of Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh says that nominating Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court is like appointing David Duke.

So why isn’t he supporting her?

Logical Extremism

G. Gordon Liddy: Let’s hope Sotomayor isn’t “menstruating” at key Supreme Court conferences.

The diseased soul of conservatism, on display, loud and proud.

Tradition Wins!


Next up: Hallowed and time-honored traditions such as slavery, wife-beating, and of course torture (especially in public!) returning to your community! Thanks, Throwbacks!

Byronius considers the GOP 2000 Flushes Dunk-Tank a time-honored tradition. Woosh! There goes Tom Tancredo! Newt’s next!

Just like the old days. A little blue water, c’mon. Wooosh! Oh no! Karl Can’t Swim ™!

Hey, now. It’s in my Bible! It’s Tradition! ™

We are ~music

Max, 2009/05/28 

And now…

Max, 2009/05/27 

…for something a little strange, but somehow quite charming. Found by Senrab.

Apologies for getting that tune stuck in your head. It leaves in a day or two.

GOP Not Satisfied.

byronius, 2009/05/26 


Sky On Nukes.


Posted for Sky Harbor, who’s behind enemy lines.

I must admit to a certain (morbid?) fascination with nuclear weaponry… Technically, the field presents many ‘sweet’ problems, and some equally sweet solutions. And, as terrible as they are… nuclear detonations can be awesome and even beautiful to behold… Also, we hominids seem to have strange attraction in general to ‘things that go bang’ – and the bigger the bang, the better! ;-}

That caveat out of the way, it appears that our friends in North Korea (the so-called “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”) have got it right this time.

Their first (2006) test, while getting everybody in a tizzy was almost certainly a ‘fizzle’.


In a plutonium (Pu239) or uranium (U235) fission bomb, sub-critical ‘chunks’ must be united to exceed critical mass (only 1-2kg if sufficiently pure or ‘enriched’). Then (and this is the hard part) this critical mass must HOLD TOGETHER for long enough to allow the neutron flux to split all or at least most of the U/Pu atoms… only about 1 millisecond will do it.. but it’s a LONG millisecond! Otherwise, the device blows itself apart before a complete chain reaction is achieved.

This is what is called a ‘fizzle’.

It still makes a bang and is VERY dirty (radioactive), but the yield is negligible compared to a true nuclear detonation. Solving this problem was THE key work that went on at Los Alamos* during the ‘Manhattan Project’ that produced the very first nukes. Their solution used a very elegant ‘explosive lens’ approach which precisely ‘focused’ a conventional explosion inward to compress a sphere of Pu239 to a density that forced the desired chain reaction… this was ‘implosion’, and it was THIS secret which was stolen by the USSR to produce their first bomb in 1949.

If you’ve got sufficient fissionable material AND you can make an ‘implosion’ of high enough precision… you can make a bomb.

The DPRK devices use Pu239. The 1st DPRK bomb was estimated to have yielded well under 1KT (1KT=1000 tons of TNT), so a ‘fizzle’ is almost certainly what happened – their implosion was NOT sufficiently symmetrical.


The underground detonation that the DPRK produced early today appears to have yielded something on the order of 10-20KT… just about what the 1945 ‘Trinity’ and Nagasaki blasts produced**. This is what is what is typically called a ‘nominal’ fission device, and will ‘nominally’ destroy everything within ~0.5-1.0 mile radius of ground zero, not to mention radiation effects.

So now we DO have something to worry about… and while the N. Koreans are still pretty far away from a missile-delivered nuke, they now have both the missiles AND the nuclear device… so unfortunately it’s only a matter of time…

The isolated and paranoid nature of the DPRK – plus internal succession issues (Kim Jong Il is clearly very ill) make for a pretty scary situation.

Add to that the nuclear ambitions of Iran and the precariousness of a nuclear armed Pakistani government and you’ve got a recipe for real TROUBLE.

And we thought our nuclear fears were over with the end of the Cold War…

… SIGH …

– K
*The ‘enrichment’ problems were tackled at Oak Ridge, TN (U235) and at Hanford, WA (Pu239).

**In case you’re wondering, Hiroshima was destroyed on August 6, 1945 by our one and only U235 bomb (‘Little Boy’) with a yield of not more than ~13-15KT.

Drunken Flag-Waving Young Republican Neighbors In My Little Blue Town.


He of the 6-foot by 9-foot ‘MCCAIN/PALIN’ sign nailed to his porch during the election was outside all afternoon, sitting in his speedboat parked out on the street, obviously drunk off his ass.

He had a huge American flag on a long wooden pole, and was trying to touch everyone who passed by with it, in sort of a drunken sarcastic threatening fashion. Bicyclists would have to detour into the street, pedestrians as well — The Jerk seemed to think of the flag as his own private anti-liberal weapon.

I didn’t bother saying anything, not even when he tried to drag the flag across my windshield — until I was out front, and saw him drag the flag on the asphalt. He was chatting with his fellow Freepers, still waving the flag back and forth — on the ground.

‘Hey! Don’t let that flag touch the ground!’ I said, loudly. He didn’t understand me, but pretended to. ‘Great day for it!’ he answered.

I let it go. He was obviously expressing his personal pain, just like with the giant McCain sign, and proving without a doubt that he was as ignorant as he could be. Like an all-day anti-Republican comedy sketch.

Later, I found myself wondering why that boy is still out of uniform. ‘Higher priorities’, I’ll bet, but all gung-ho on Memorial Day, ’cause it’s a Republican Holiday, after all, you know. And for all his assumptions that liberals hate and fear the American flag, and hate the military, I’m damned certain that I know volumes more about the Massacre At Malmedy, or MacArthur’s brilliant tactics on the battlefields of WWI France, or the flight of Washington through the streets of New York City than this drunken young buffoon does.

I was at a Move America Forward counter-demonstration a few years ago, and saw a similar thing — a drunken young asshole dragging the flag on the ground. When the progressive demonstrators yelled at him, he responded by putting the pole between his legs, and leering as he dragged the US flag back and forth across the dirty sidewalk.

To the Right-Winger, the flag isn’t a symbol of Freedom; it’s a penis, that they want to touch everyone with. Very porn-based behavior.

And nothing says ‘Repressed’ like a fake weaponized flag-penis to me.

Everyone who had to dodge it had the same thought, from the expression on their faces. Some right-wingers are the best progressive advertisement money can’t buy. Like Stephen Colbert on steroids.

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