A True Story About Greg. Part One.

byronius, 2009/10/30 

I carried a club in Nederland, when I walked my dog. I borrowed it from Greg — a knurled, heavy, monster club, so orc-looking — the wide-eyed tourists always stared at me in wonder as they woofed past on the highway to Eldora Ski Resort.

We all went to the only bar in Nederland one night, at the pizza place — I think Max was there, but he might have been spending the night with his truly hot girlfriend — what was her name? Another in the long line of Maximum, until these house-leaky days, no longer on the run from the Service, he rules a Russian Castle to the envy of all his old weirdo buds —

Anyway. We go to the bar. And we’re sitting at a table, drinking.

About an hour in, a gentleman takes note of us. Call him Gigantor — perhaps four hundred pounds of Massive, Cruel Biker, for Nederland was, in those days, the province of Big Ass Bikers and their Big Ass Wolf-Newfoundland-Husky-Mix Murdering-Dogs. Gigantor. Big. Ass. Giant. Mean. Killer. Like out of a fucking movie, this Monster. But Really Real.

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Radical Rules.


Tom Swift!!

As always, a New Worlds exclusive release —

Radical Rules

“Ryan Radic starts his first year in college by being dumped, humiliated, and kicked out of school for something he didn’t do. Hiding out in the physics department basement, he makes a discovery that will change his life – and his love life – forever.”

This is my sixth screenplay, based on a kid I knew in high school named Christopher Gecik. He was the only Jewish kid (and I was the only Atheist kid) in one of the top Catholic prep schools on the east coast. We were both there on scholarships, and we used to sit out in front of the chapel during mass and talk science. He worked in the cafeteria every day, and cleaned hallways in the afternoon.

Christopher Gecik, and a little Tom Swift.

Holy Cow.

byronius, 2009/10/28 


Robert Crumb’s new Illustrated Genesis is brilliant, beautiful, and thought-provoking. Never seen anything like it. It’s officially Freaking Me Out ™.

It’s both disturbingly revealing of the origins of Christianity, and somehow Christianitically compelling. Robert Crumb not only still has it — this is among his greatest efforts. My God. Oops.

Amazon is selling this for $13.72 for the moment, cover price over $25. It’s a georgeous collector’s item. I don’t understand. But you can’t have mine. I love it.

Senrab would find this utterly fascinating, I believe, and not at all threatening or demeaning to his beliefs.


We’re It.

byronius, 2009/10/27 

Every universe, every supercluster, every cluster and galaxy and solar system and planet is absolutely empty. Except for Earth.

We are a shockingly impossible phenomenon in the span of all Reality. Nowhere else is there even the slightest hint of any organized, chemical life. Nothing. All postulation to the contrary proves false, and akin to religion.

We are alone. Forever. And thus do the Many suddenly seem so Few.

Creepy thought, isn’t it? We are Forebears of the Ancients.

Update: I really don’t believe this at all. It’s just a thought exercise. It’s actually quite an impossible thing to imagine.


raison detre, 2009/10/26 

he used to invite me for wine when we ran into each other in the park… with his wife and friends… 😉 i have original manuscripts. i gave some back. he was upset. i thought that is what you do. i never did it again.

i was going to visit him in san diego. i didn’t. i wish i did… i been planning on it for months, i been reading his blog and sending him pictures. read this

read this ole post too… i so wish i didn’t give him back this manuscript…




Many Reasons

On My Way

byronius, 2009/10/24 

to see Mr. Green.

On The Moon.

Public Option Annie.


Singin’ to the bloodsucking murderers of hard-working Americans.

Like They Got Cut Right Off.

byronius, 2009/10/22 


Somebody needs to call Glenn Beck immediately. Obama is trying to kill Republicans:

“Republican men nationwide may have experienced a drop in testosterone levels the night Barack Obama was elected president, according to the results of a small study that found another link between testosterone and men’s moods.

By taking multiple saliva samples from 183 young men and women on election night, researchers found that the testosterone levels of men who voted for John McCain or Robert Barr dropped sharply 40 minutes after Obama was announced the winner.

Low testosterone levels in men are linked to increased risk of premature death.”

First, they lower their testosterone so they don’t feel like procreating, then they kill them. It’s all there. What else do we need to know?

And about time, too.

Dude. Rocks.

byronius, 2009/10/21 

Grayson 2016.

Berni McCoy recalls Grayson’s Daily Kos post —

Thank You from Alan Grayson (6+ / 0-)
My work against the war profiteers in Iraq is the subject of SusanG’s post, and all I can say is that I’m ‘shocked and awed’. I look at dailykos, well, pretty much daily, and I never dreamed that I would see my name in it. What animates my work is the same thing that seems to animate this site — Margaret Mead’s words: ‘A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’ Thank you all, from my heart, for the encouragement.

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