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Max, 2010/01/31 

So, the story is, Meg Whitman had this clown listed as one of her supporters, and when this video surfaced she had to reluctantly cut him loose. What’s hilarious, though, is his defense that he “was taken out of context” echoed in the comments by his defenders in the LA Times story. Following is three out of the four comments appearing when I checked (try to make it through the video first). When a man says “I’m a proud racist” can context possibly matter?

Of course she stepped back from him…she doesn’t have the ball$ to step up to the plate. If you listen to the comment in the correct context, he didn’t say anything wrong.

Posted by: Rocker | 01/29/2010 at 11:13 PM

I can understand why a candidate wouldn’t want to get involved with the councilman’s linguistic ineptitude with which the media is having a field day. But it goes beyond this tangential and unimportant issue. Meg wants to reward illegal immigrants.

“Path to legalization needed, GOP candidate Whitman says”


Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 2 a.m.


Posted by: riposter | 01/30/2010 at 01:05 PM

So Meg Whitman is calling a man a racist because he believe we need to solve the illegal immigration in america. Sounds like she is one doing the name calling… just like McCarthy go after people calling everyone a communist.
If she had listened to the comments, she would have know he wasn’t being racist… he sad we need to solve the illegal immigration problem in California.
They get lots of benefits, take jobs, and don’t pay taxes. It is not a race issue.
it is an illegal immigration problem. Meg, I am not impressed with your power of observation skills or your kicking him out of you campaign on bogie charges.

Posted by: john seitz | 01/30/2010 at 01:38 PM

Max Is Tuning

byronius, 2010/01/30 

Sluggo Is Divining
Shiner Is Mixin’
Cat-Eyes Is Coming
Here We Go.


byronius, 2010/01/29 

Aster!!  Oid!!

Yeah, that’s right.


And that is why the Rockets Must Roar.

Senrabic Memory.


Senrab let me copy a King Crimson tape in 1985(?). I still have the copy. ‘Elephant Talk’ was my favorite song on it. Strange that I should apologize to Max for not liking ELP and King Crimson enough, and then Crooks And Liars posts this.

Kismetic weirdity. I LOVE the opening guitar theme to this. Wow.

Cheap Crooks


In Black Robes have wisely decided to divide the United States between China, Germany, and Japan.

May George Patton rise from his grave and pistol-whip their scrawny, dirty, thieving souls for this betrayal.

And again — thanks, Republican Party, for making Rollerball Nation a reality!

God Damn!


Cat eyes, 2010/01/28 


Took this last night of the sunset, zoomed in on the clouds. Thought it was eerily like what one would see looking out a spaceship viewport on close proximity to Jupiter, hence the post.

SOTU Wordle



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Chocolate Mars

Max, 2010/01/27 


All I could do was gape in wonder…

Slideshow at Daily Kos

… smooth like babies feet with big friendly eyes…


While undoubtedly dating myself, much of the subversive material propagated by the Firesign Theatre has held up remarkably well… Once upon a time, we would sit around in various stages of ‘enhancement’ and listen with hilarity to these antics on primitive ‘Stereo Hi-Fi’ systems… to something once called ‘Long Playing Records’… made of black VINYL of all things! Who’d believe it if not for archeological proof?!… (but just try rolling a decent reefer on a CD cover!)… Part 1 of 4… Enjoy!!

Blame Sluggo

Max, 2010/01/26 

We had discussed performing some traditional song for our Russian friends at their next big party. I found a cool tune by my favorite Russian band “Akvarium” and suggested it to Sluggo. “I like it” she said. “Still, you’ll think I’m warped but I was thinking something more along the lines of Waltzing Matilda.”

Yes, I think she’s warped, and I doubt very much there is any song in Russian lore as bizarre as Waltzing Matilda- possibly not on this planet. Yet it found its way into my head and it won’t go away. Now it’s in yours too. Blame Sluggo.

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