Graysonic Cleansing.

byronius, 2010/03/31 

A little bit of a setup. One one hand, an Actual American, telling it like it is; on the other, a squirmy weasel mouthing brochure language while covering ass for the Republican Hutaree. Fun times.

Let’s not forget how Grayson got his start: agressively investigating war profiteering, for which he was deep-sixed by Rove. And now, he rises from the depths, water boiling with furious veracitude, Godzilla with a law degree and a penchant for searing wit mixed with bald fact. The Teabaggers are Very Afraid of him; and they should be, because he’s here to stay.

They threatened his five-year-old son. That’s all they’ve got. And it’s not going to be enough. In fact, big mistake.

The oddest thing about Grayson is that he outpolls any Republican challenger among Republicans. He’s just so goddamned Good American, he glows.

A secret message from my Cheerios… it says “ooooo”…

SkyHarbor, 2010/03/30 

I shouldn’t bother with this crap but sometimes it just gets my ire up! The History Channel is running a breathless show about the mathematical nonsense of the “Bible Code”…

Brief facts of ‘biblecodeology’:
* ‘Torah’ is the first 5 books of the Hebrew bible… the ‘Pentateuch’ as some Christians put it.
* The Hebrew alphabet contains no vowels, its characters usually represent whole syllables.
* The ‘code’ consists of ‘equidistant’ letter combinations. Write down every 5th ‘letter’ and look for a ‘message’, or every 11th ‘letter’ backwards… or whatever (“I Buried Paul”?)…

read more…

A History of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things


This is pretty funny.



Twinkie Tough.



Last Saturday there was an Oathkeepers gun rally in Kentucky. Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, whipped up the crowd with all sorts of incendiary statements about taking back the government from the Evil Democracy-Lovers. Every Bad Nerd was in full faux-military regalia, although most were packing fifty to a hundred extra pounds of Twinkies and Falstaff.

Mother had lovingly ironed their camos and given them ten dollars for lunch money.

After the Coup, these guys imagine they’ll be divvying up the women and building up their personal fiefdoms, complete with Liberal Slaves.

However, I think what will really happen is they will play Combat in the woods until they get a little sweaty and out of breath, at which point they will retire to nap and dream. Later, they’ll be rounded up without a fight.

More Pictures Of The Twinkie Brigade

It is axiomatic that the Most Dangerous Humans do not Display. Only the Insecure and Dwightish display.

The Infallible Phallus.

byronius, 2010/03/29 


Wow. This is pretty intense.

Belief systems that deny or penalize basic human biochemistry can’t end well, regardless of any merit to be found in their core philosophy. Not to mention that the premise that certain humans are closer to ‘god’ than others (and thereby deserving of obedience and money) is automatically suspect.

(Loud Buzzer)

This art is powerful. Reminds me of Ralph Steadman. But it’s Gerald Scarfe.

Gimme da funk!

SkyHarbor, 2010/03/28 

Perhaps you’ve seen this ad for the Kia ‘Sorento’ on the tube… cute and a pretty catchy groove, no? Well, I was a tad distressed to see the music credited to an outfit called ‘Heavy’… the mash-up ‘How Do You Like Me Now?’ may have been spliced together by ‘Heavy’, but the cool opening and the main groove in general is by an early funk band called ‘Dyke and The Blazers’ (ca. 1969):

Dyke and The Blazers: “Let a Woman Be a Woman, Let a Man Be a Man”
(from the album “So Sharp!”)

How, pray tell, do I know this? Well… it just so happens that way back in my Arizona salad days, I was the guitar player for ‘The Blazers’… This was shortly after ‘Dyke’ (aka Arlester Christian) got himself shot to death in a bad coke deal. But the ‘band played on’ as they say, and it was a real education for a 19-year-old from the ‘burbs to be the ‘token white kid’ in this seminal but largely forgotten funk band! ;-}

Along with ‘Let A Woman’, other Blazers hits included “Funky Broadway” (which Wilson Pickett covered for a #1 hit), “We Got More Soul” and (a personal fave) “Runaway People”…

Pretty damn funkified even if I do say so myself! ;-}
So… y’all like the way that Sally walks?


Max, 2010/03/27 


OK- HBO yanked the delicious rant, so I’ll let this one take it’s place for the time being

Deep In The Heart Of Teabaggerstan…

byronius, 2010/03/26 


‘Occasionally’. For now.


Max, 2010/03/25 

In honor of Joe Biden’s infamous “gaffe.”


The Biggest . . .

Cat eyes,  

And there you have it.

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