Takes All Kinds.

byronius, 2010/06/30 

The 24 Different Kinds Of Libertarian


“Too Much Heinlein” — chortle.

Nicely done


Heavy hitting, well produced stuff like this could push Prop 19 over the top.

A fun tune

Max, 2010/06/29 

My fave soundclouder Mick Puck (alias Mike Scott of The Waterboys) just released a cover of an old Kate Bush song I’d never heard. It’s another interesting compare & contrast opportunity.

Here’s the original, and here’s Mr. Puck’s version, with lyrics.

Much as I love Kate, my vote goes with the remake. Just love the breezy exuberance.

Which is cooler?

Max, 2010/06/26 

…or this blast from the not so distant past…

…and the other question. Which one was more work. These guys aint slackers.

Opening Pandora’s Box…

SkyHarbor, 2010/06/25 

Hey gang, here’s a tip. Check out the internet music streaming service
Pandora Internet Radio!
I’ve just now heard of it, and the initial vibe is quite positive. Pick an artist you like and be served up a potpourri of music (much of which you may not have heard) that shares similar characteristics. Add other artists for a broader channel, or start new ‘radio stations’. It’s all free… banking on the idea that you’ll purchase items by the artists played. Kinda like building your own private radio station! Some ads, but they’re short and targeted to what you’re listening to. Don’t like a track? Just fast-forward to something else… So far I’m pretty impressed! 21st century radio!

Postage Due.

byronius, 2010/06/22 

From David Brin’s The Postman, page 266:

That night Gordon dreamed he was watching Ben Franklin play chess with a boxy iron stove.

“The problem is one of balance,” the graying statesman-scientist said to his invention, ignoring Gordon as he contemplated the chessboard. “I’ve put some thought to it. How can we set up a system which encourages individuals to strive and excel, and yet which shows some compassion to the weak, and weeds out madmen and tyrants?”

Flames licked behind the stove’s glowing grille, like dancing rows of lights. In words more seen than heard, he inquired:

“…Who will take responsibility…?”

Franklin moved a white kinight. “Good question.” he said as he leaned back. “A very good question.

“Of course we can establish constitutional checks and balances, but those won’t mean a thing unless citizens make sure the safeguards are taken seriously. The greedy and the power-hungry will always look for ways to break the rules, or twist them to their advantage.”

The flames flicked out, and somehow in the process a red pawn had moved.


Franklin took out a handkerchief and wiped his brow, “Would-be tyrants, that’s who…They have an age-old panoply of methods — manipulating the common man, lying to him, or crushing his belief in himself.

“It’s said that ‘power corrupts,’ but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power. When they do act, they think of it as service, which has limits. The tyrant, though, seeks mastery, for which he is insatiable, implacable.”

“…foolish childen…” the flames flickered.

“Yes,” Franklin nodded, wiping his bifocals. “Still, I believe that certain innovations may help. The right myths, for instance.

“And then, if Good is willing to make sacrifices…” He reached out, picking up his queen, hesitated for a moment, and then moved the delicate ivory piece all the way across the board, almost under the glowing hot grille.

Gordon wanted to cry out a warning. The queen’s position was completely exposed. Not even a pawn was nearby to protect her.

His worst fears were borne out almost at once. The flames licked forth. In a blur, a red king stood on a pile of ashes where the slender white figure had been only a moment before.

“Oh lord, no,” Gordon moaned Even in the half-critical dream state, he knew what was happening, and what it symbolized.

“…Who will take responsibility…?” the stove asked again.

Franklin did not answer. Instead, he shifted and pushed back in his chair. It squeaked as he turned around. Over the rims of his bifocals, he looked directly at Gordon.

You too? Gordon quailed. What do you all what from me!

The rippling red. And Franklin smiled.

I Have Returned.


Steveareno, 2010/06/21 



Just in time for the 4th of July?



Courtesy of The Daily What.

Summer Solstice 2010 at Stonehenge…


To the chants and cheers of modern day ‘Druids’, the Midsummer sun rose this morning over the Salisbury plain. Here in Seattle, the Sun (when you can see it ;-}) doesn’t set ’til well after 9:00pm. Happy Solstice everyone!

… got Mothra?…

SkyHarbor, 2010/06/19 

When I think of Japanese cinema, there are really only two landmarks to consider: the masterful work of Akira Kurasawa (natch), and… Toho’s ‘kaiju’ (giant monster) films… Godzilla of course, and my own personal favorite and object of reverence, Mothra or ‘Mo-Su-Ra’¹. I would place the best of Anime as a close third.

Godzilla (Go-Ji-Ra) was a freak resurrected ‘dinosaur’ created by (American) H-bomb tests in the Pacific, a rather mindless guy who even became comical in his later 1960’s and ’70’s incarnations². But Mothra (Mo-Su-Ra) is a goddess-creature who is worshiped by and watches over her native people on ‘Infant Island’. This giant moth-like³ goddess is accompanied by the unforgettable psychic twin faeries or ‘tiny beauties’ who act as handmaidens to the enormous Mothra and also as go-betweens who can communicate with humans and can sense their good or evil intentions. Combine that with cheesy native ‘liturgical’ dance numbers and the ‘larva’ which uses its silk-spraying abilities to memorably encase Godzilla in a ‘cocoon’ to immobilise the beast without harming him… Not to mention Mothra herself with her glittering eyes and beautiful ‘Gypsy moth’ style wing patterns! So what’s not to like?

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