Flaming ThickBricks.

byronius, 2010/08/31 

Ignorance is a virus that may kill us all. Glen Beck spreads ignorance.

The interviewer is great. Mercilessly patient.


raison detre, 2010/08/29 

If only we all spoke in the same terms…

SkyHarbor, 2010/08/28 

Whether it’s getting Celsius and Fahrenheit, or miles, knots and klicks confounded, or how many miles there are in a parsec (or liters in a gallon or Luxes in a Foot Candle), I’ve often found it useful to have a conversion table handy. I dissected and corrected a faulty German web page (but which had the right idea!) that is apparently no longer active*, so if this sort of quick unit conversion tool is of any use to you, please feel free to use it here:
Unit Conversions

(another sort of (language) conversion ‘problem’):

* I notified them of the errors I had found, but have received no response, so I went ahead and posted my own version…

The Chinese Take On Tea.

byronius, 2010/08/27 

Oh, yes. Those utterly entertaining Ugly Americans get animated once again. What hilarious antics are they up to now?

Sweet kid and a ton of talent



Click the picture to go to the page with the video. Can’t seem to embed it.

In a season without a lot to cheer about – at least as far as win-loss record goes – the Pittsburgh Pirates got a special treat when they invited this 9 yr-old girl to sing the national anthem. When she starts singing you wonder if it can really be her. Pretty amazing.

Hating on Christmas trees

Max, 2010/08/26 

Sullivan has a post on crazy rants today. This one is right on.

I’ve got one, and I’ve felt this way since I was a little kid…and I have honestly never found a kindred soul regarding it: Christmas trees. I’m not a hippie tree-hugger, or anti-religious, or a contrarian hipster, or a hater; I’m really just a regular random person.

Ever since I was a little kid, I thought the idea of chopping down – killing – a tree just to cover it with garish decorations and then unceremoniously dump it a week after Dec 25th just seemed like such an incredible waste of a perfectly nice little tree. It’s essentially a very negative act (“treeicide?”) perpetuated on the grandest of scales, annually. The site of a brown, discarded Christmas tree just lying on someone’s kerb still gives me a pang of sadness.

Wouldn’t it be much nicer if instead everybody bought a little tree and kept it alive in a pot, decorated and celebrated it, then after christmas (in the springtime, obviously) they planted that little tree somewhere. Imagine if every community had a tree farm that received hundreds, thousands of little trees every year…or other plants, different species of trees, etc. They obviously don’t all have to be the same little evergreens. People could celebrate with all manner of trees, etc.

Imagine if you could return every year to the plot and identify certain trees that represented Christmas’ Past. Doesn’t that seem like a positive idea? Plus who knows, maybe if we planted 100 million trees and plants every year instead of chopping them down, we might influence the planets bio-sphere in a better way…

Bloody hell: maybe I am a hippie tree-hugger!

I’m generally against any cultural tradition that makes a habit of terminating the life of a living creature far before its time, and Christmas trees are a prime example. So is most meat eating. Seems most inharmonious. Maybe I’ll start eating meat again someday, but only if it’s old, arthritic meat, and it’s signed the requisite legal forms.

On Turtle.

byronius, 2010/08/25 

henceforth i am known as ‘the ghost’
incorporated and domained
lyricist of the murder merchants
a song i’m working on is working titled turtle
i’m hurtling on turtle very open too open
art can be scary max said and plunged ahead
off the cliff
and then there is second life
number eight with a bullet about a rich man
number six just won best feature woohoo
number seven made the cat start writing multidimensional cat history
it also made the heroine cry
so that’s good
those micromoments
each second a glistening eternity on a golden path of ease
melodies floating in the kitchen window on a summer breeze
squash! and puffle puffle puffle and off
to make the scary turtle
trizz it up a bit
nebulaeve sa ve?

The New Conservative.

byronius, 2010/08/23 

Same as the Old Conservative, but even more ignorant and hateful, twisted and vicious.

“All y’all dumb motherfuckers don’t even know my opinion on shit.”

Black, Muslim, Same Difference.

By John Cole

This is where they want to take us. This is their vision, guided by their faith.

Vegan Alert

Cat eyes, 2010/08/20 

Okay, I know I tagged this as Jams – but i mean the jelly kind.
Tis the season to make preserves. Making blueberry jelly, strawberry jam, spicey tomato jelly, sweet pickle chips, zucchini dill pickles,
and vegan zucchini breads. Any takers? Any special requests?

The Big One cometh…



(See very frightening animated version)

Freaky stuff. Apparently a new study shows that whoppers on the San Andreas were more common than previously thought, and that we’re very much overdue. They used to think it was every 200 years or so and now they’re saying 88. The last huge one was in 1857.

Looks a lot worse for our southern California friends.

SF Gate story

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