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blah blah dontevengothere

remember that School Of Fish song Three Strange Days?

what a period. 1991, I think.

this is a non-post.

blah blah whateve.


I’m going to keep adding to this post until someone comments.

And now, a poem:

do your griffin thing ‘n howl
wide and feral and in tune with the prehom
get out under that orb
‘n howl ‘n shake
them little craters lookin’ down
some say smile i say laughin’ at you
cause i got the dark in that way
probably wrong
too much sun in the back of that brown toyota
blistered up fierce
all serious with the abbot ‘n allen debate
on the essence of activism — out or in?
‘both’ would abbot later admit
but on that day allen got a little ruffled
with the Wild Haired Fellow
raised his voice a tad
we all tensed —

This is gonna be the longest post ever. No one can stop it. Ten mile post.

Seattle Funk, man.

Republicans are insane, brother. Trying to bring on those End Times they read about. It’s going to get heavy, I think.

And now, another poem:

you weird old blacknwhite potsmoking cat
a hunnerd and fifty and still got the swagger
front claws like daggers she’s holin’ me up
i still scream therefor i still live
the icon of indifference now friendly to fault
bump of an ancient head tells me i’m not dead
but somehow deficient in ethical tone
and, she insists, quit writing this poem

At first, it was all done in jest. Then he locked the post from comment, set the time stamp to a Trillion AD, and just cruised on forever. Cruise control.

I’m still working on the Jupiter Sheep Documentary, with full YouTube postings of all music and a few nekkid pictures of Senrab. Stay tuned.

The post known as ;qiohrgihqerfgujhqer will be darkly notorius.

Still no comments. Daring.



I was a huge war hawk, happily sending other people’s kids to war, but I “had other priorities in the ’60s than military service” and got five deferments.

Saddam Hussein was a friend before he was an enemy.

I happily did business with Iran, Libya and Iraq as CEO of Halliburton.

I held secret White House meetings with oil companies to expand their influence and profitability, and suppressed information about the health effects of global warming.

As a Congressman I opposed the Department of Education and economic sanctions against South Africa’s apartheid government.

I started a trillion-dollar war based on cherry-picked intelligence and outright lies, including “There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt that he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us.”

I said that “There’s overwhelming evidence that there was a connection between Al Qaeda and the Iraqi government.”

I insisted that the war would be over in less than six months.

I warned in late 2004 that if John Kerry won the election, “…we’ll get hit again, and we’ll be hit in a way that will be devastating.”

I supported the torture of human beings. I still do.

I stayed on vacation for days after hurricane Katrina hit.

I had no objection to tossing the writ of habeas corpus into the garbage disposal.

I couldn’t find Osama bin Laden.

I responded to the American people’s concern about the Iraq war with: “So?”

I drank a beer and then shot a lawyer friend in the face because I wasn’t following proper gun safety rules. I never apologized.

I told the FISA court to go fuck itself—we can spy on Americans without a warrant anytime we feel like it.

I left office with a 13 percent approval rating, for which you can all go fuck yourselves, too.

Preview over. Now buy my book, suckers.


Never in American History has a leader so belonged in Federal prison. Oh, there’ve been close seconds, to be sure; but none so purely dedicated to darkness, so perfectly un-American, so — Voldemortish — as this happy and unfortunately free fellow.

History has a prison for him, I believe.

Wiser Heads.

byronius, 2011/08/30 


Coming soon to this theater — ‘Better Days’. Brought to you by The Youth Of America.

And a good reason to seriously consider the program sketched in the wonderful family film, ‘Wild In The Streets’.

…’fourteen or fight, everybody fourteen or fight’…

String Quartet (1931)… Ruth Crawford Seeger…

SkyHarbor, 2011/08/27 

The first two movements from Ruth Crawford Seeger’s String Quartet (1931)… (check HERE to listen to the last two movements… which I find especially interesting!)

Ruth was folk icon Pete Seeger’s step-mom… and a remarkable musician and composer in her own right… not to mention being a ‘godless commie’ too! 😉

Ruth Seeger was also a musicologist who collected and catalogued American folk songs… Pete’s love of folk music was probably kindled here…

“Twelve Tone” or “Atonal” or “Dodecaphonic” music simply has NO tonal key center… all chromatic notes are allowed (indeed are often ‘required’!)… Usually resulting in rather jarring sounds… Highly mathematical and abstract, it is NOT generally meant to be ‘pretty’, although Alban Berg made 12-tone opera (see ‘Lulu’) almost palatable to many listeners… but most concert goers simply went ‘WTF??’…

What Arnold Schönberg and his students (Webern, Berg and others) were attempting was nothing less than the complete ‘liberation’ (politics!) of the notes! However, this ‘Second Viennese’ school failed to recognise the simple fact of the resonances which only tonal music can produce…

A glorious experiment, but ultimately a failure.

Maybe ‘old school’ but really GOOD!…


Don Fagen, 1/2 of “Steely Dan” put this solo LP out in 1982…

I still remember playing a brand new copy of ‘Aja’ on big JBL 15″ woofer studio monitors… I just wanted to go out and burn my guitar! There is only ONE word for the best of Fagen/Becker and ‘Steely’… and that word is ‘impeccable’.

No one, and I mean NO ONE has EVER made finer (George Martin and The Beatles being a close second) analog tape recordings… ‘perfectionist’ is putting it mildly! Never liked much (for that very reason!) by studio musicians, the end result was almost ALWAYS worth the trouble!

I can only read ’em and weep!

The Real Reason For The Quake.

byronius, 2011/08/26 


Hydrofracking? No. Sunspots? Naw. God’s Will? Nope. Rick Perry’s filthy soul? Uh-uh. (Although…)

Rumor has it that all Wombakinnons are gathering in a single place, all on the West Coast, thus creating a destabilizing stress on the East Coast Plate, and causing a crack to appear in the earth from which many demonic voices can be heard:

Scary indeed. Bright orange carpet is a clear sign of the End Times.

One Wombakinnon has had to demur, for reasons of Responsible Authority; thank our lucky stars. For if all Wombakinnons were to congregate in a single place, the Wible clearly states that it’s all over for Puny Earthlings.

Let’s all just hold our breath until they’re finished with their strange Pictish rituals, and return to their Rightful Places.

The Sky Calls To Us.

byronius, 2011/08/23 

Love this.

The lighter side of politics…


From “In Living Color” with Jim Carrey as the smarmy ‘Senator Helmsly’ and David Alan Grier as (riff limited) bluesman ‘Calhoun Tubbs’ tellin’ it like it IS… 😉

Jerry Leiber (1933-2011)


L-R: Mike Stoller, Elvis Presley and Jerry Leiber

More ‘seasoned’ (read ‘old’) Rock ‘n’ Rollers are today mourning the passing of Jerry Leiber (1933-2011) of ‘Leiber & Stoller’ early R&R/R&B songwriting fame…

Together, these guys were responsible for some of early rock’s most seminal numbers… “Hound Dog”, “Jailhouse Rock”, “Stand By Me”, “Kansas City” along with many of “The Coasters”‘s ‘semi-novelty’ hits… Two unlikely Jews who somehow grasped Black American culture in a way that made much of R&R/R&B what it WAS.

Here’s Big Mama Thornton doing “Hound Dog” w/ Buddy Guy (1952):

(well before Elvis’ 1956 breakout version [and way better TOO IMHO!])
Mike Stoller: “She was just so NASTY!” 😉

RIP Jerry… You did real GOOD!

Homo dumbass

Cat eyes, 2011/08/22 

Hah! Here it is, as I’ve been suggesting for a while, but now put forward in nothing less than the prominent journal Nature.

Taxonomy: New name needed for unwise Homo?

Julian Cribb
Nature 476, 282 (18 August 2011) doi:10.1038/476282b
Published online 17 August 2011
Homo sapiens was the name Carl Linnaeus assigned to our species in 1758, when humanity may indeed have seemed ‘wise’ relative to others. Today, this name is up for debate, given our questionable ability to control the potential disasters we have unleashed.

An animal that imperils its own future and that of most other life forms and ecosystems does not merit a single ‘sapiens’, let alone the two we now bear.

We should be formally renamed to more accurately describe a species that is: exterminating thousands of others; releasing carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in amounts exceeding Earth’s natural cycles; devoting 50 times more resources to making weapons than to sustaining the food supply; destroying forests; degrading soil; polluting water; pillaging the oceans; and damaging the atmosphere on a planetary scale.

I cannot access the full article but a review of it says it suggests a petition for renaming us Homo dumbass. Gotta love it. I’ll sign it particularly if they add a sub-species Homo dumbass terribalisrepublicanasses. (In the future I hope they may perhaps be referred to as extinct t. asses)

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