that we can do this

Max, 2012/06/29 

Sometimes I have trouble explaining to my foreign-born wife what I think is worthwhile about this country. The answer is in this video and the title of this post.

Note: stolen directly from Byronius’ comment on the last post because it’s that good.

Has Capitalism overstayed its welcome?…

SkyHarbor, 2012/06/28 

[Warning: A tedious subject. Your kind patience is humbly requested.]

The reckless excesses of Wall Street have taken many decent American citizens and their families not only to the brink of ruin, but indeed over that precipice and into the abyss of abject homeless poverty. All this while a tiny minority accumulate wealth almost unimaginable to the rest of us ‘peasants’. This is what America has become. Is this the ‘shining city on the hill’ we were so picturesquely promised by Ronald Reagan just over 30 years ago?

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For super hero fans it’s kind of . . .

Cat eyes,  


Courtesy of the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

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says it all



We tend to think of the worst reactionary opponents of government healthcare as being the ignorant rednecks of the heartland, and maybe this guy is for all I know, but this kind of shows that some of the most visceral antipathy comes from those who are just greedy fucking bastards.

Sullivan‘s Tweet of the Hour

Henri Goes To Le Vet.

byronius, 2012/06/27 

avocado veggie burger rush


i wrote this poem after watching Synechdoche: New York
the boy asked me to tuck him in before the end
we talked about religion and art and my father
and how if he and i were stuck in a box for all eternity
we would probably just chatter away
and never know
and how big everything is and how weird everything is
and i made him promise again, for all eternity
throughout the generations
no hitting the kids, ever again
it ends with me
i’ll take it all, that none feel that
he agreed, as he always does
threw in a last reference to Homer Simpson
then i closed the door
went out to the living room
and watched the end of the film
Philip Seymour Hoffman, the best thing he ever —
who would have thought —

The penultimate Mimsy…

SkyHarbor, 2012/06/26 

“The Last Mimsy” is a 2007 fantasy/science fiction film for children. Right in my wheelhouse! 😉 It also makes fine family fare. Although somewhat flawed as a film, it is nonetheless an enjoyable and redemptive story for ‘children of all ages’.

The film is loosely based on the short story “Mimsy were the Borogoves”, a rather well known short story by Lewis Padgett first published in 1943. You can read the original story here: [PDF]

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Dats my nerd prez!

Max, 2012/06/25 



This isn’t breaking news… it’s BROKEN!…


I’m a news junkie. It’s true. Unless there is something of particular interest on… CNN runs (usually ‘muted’) in the background…

But this post is not intended to broadcast my neuroses around all the 786 New Worlds which Cat-eyes has just hipped us to, but rather to alert you to a new cable series which I think (judging from the premier episode) actually lives up to most of the hype it’s been getting.

HBO’s new series “The Newsroom”, created by Aaron Sorkin and starring Jeff Daniels (news anchor) and Emily Mortimer (exec producer) and a cast of (seemingly) hundreds. From an off-script tirade from Daniels triggered by a well-meaning but dense coed who asks innocently “What makes America the greatest nation on Earth?”… to a surprise re-formatting of a very CNN-ish news show… the dialogue is snappy and generally believable. I actually clapped at the end of the episode… suffice it to say that I don’t do THAT very often! 😉

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cool: All 786 Known Planets drawn to scale

Cat eyes, 2012/06/24 

All 786 Known Planets drawn to scale



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