I Do Not Believe…

SkyHarbor, 2012/07/30 

Forgive me. I’m just in a cranky mood today. Sorry. It happens.

Ever since I was a little kid and my Grandmother gave me a ‘Paint-By-Numbers’ kit, I have felt deeply offended by that particular non-art-form. Even a colouring-book allows a kid some FREEDOM. Paint-by-number is like being sent to ‘art prison’. Its only POSSIBLE redeeming value is if the colours are randomised or reversed.

The REAL cause of Van Gogh’s final depression…

I believe.


Happy little clouds.

La Jetée

byronius, 2012/07/27 

The 1963 French still-film inspiration for Gilliam’s ‘Twelve Monkeys’, with English subtitles. I watched this on my laptop in the Denver airport. People were concerned. Security hovered. Beautiful story.

Part II

I don’t like the new airport scanners. Very 1984. Psychologically oppressive, I believe on purpose.

Osama bin Laden KICKED OUR ASS.

Everything You Know Is Wrong…

SkyHarbor, 2012/07/25 

Pass the Blue Moss, please! 😉

FYI: Time Designs 1.0: Gas Music From Jupiter

Dr. Sally Ride [1951-2012]: Astronaut, Physicist

SkyHarbor, 2012/07/24 

We lost Sally yesterday to pancreatic cancer. She was only 61. The first American woman in space. A pioneer in so many ways and a real inspiration especially to girls coming up everywhere. An American hero who is already sorely missed.
You did GREAT darlin’! Rest In Peace.

Ad astra per aspera

“The Sky is Pink” (on Mars)…

SkyHarbor, 2012/07/21 

“The Sky is Pink” (2012) is a short documentary film by Josh Fox made as a follow-up to his controversial 2010 film “Gasland”1 about the current rush of oil and gas corporations to use public lands to extract natural gas. The process is called ‘hydraulic fracturing’ or ‘fracking’. It was developed by (guess who?) the Halliburton Corporation.

It is a très bad idea. The petroleum consortiums are going all out to convince voters to vote2,3 for the party that ‘supports’ domestic oil and gas production… using the standard raft of half-truths, misinformation and out-and-out lies. I’ll give you a hint: the ‘party’ in question is NOT the Democrats. You may have seen some of those 30 sec. “… and I’m an energy voter” spots currently slathered all over television… While not coming right out and saying “Vote Republican!”, the intent is crystal clear. They have also spent millions to discredit Josh Fox and “Gasland”… while Mr. Fox may have got a few fiddling details wrong, the vast bulk of information in the film is spot on4.

I was a bit surprised to hear of David Letterman’s (apparently) off-the-cuff rant5 against fracking this week. More people should follow his example to get their collective thumbs out of their collective asses and drink more vodka! 😉

‘Fracking’ is a ridiculously dangerous thing to do and should not be permitted ANYWHERE. You can’t ‘uncontaminate’ an aquifer! Once ruined, it’s RUINED, and plants, animals, people and everything up and down the food chain are put at great risk. The corporations involved display a stunning lack of concern and continue to count their ‘filthy lucre’ while dismantling the EPA. Check the links and watch the films and judge for yourself.

1 YouTube: Gasland (2010) (complete film)

2 “I Vote” advert (the American Petroleum Institute)

3 America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA)

4 Map of ‘fraccidents’ in the U.S.

5 David Letterman on-air rant on fracking: 18 July 2012. (The Late Show).

“Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”

SkyHarbor, 2012/07/20 

43 years ago today. You can still hear a bit of the awe of those moments in Walter Cronkite’s voice. I particularly recall after they’d set up a camera outside the LEM looking back at ‘Eagle’ with “LIVE FROM THE MOON” across that ghostly B/W image. I was simply TRANSFIXED.

20 July 1969

JULY 1969 A. D.

I think it’s almost criminal that we haven’t gone back.

Sky Harbor: The Sub-Orbital Years…

SkyHarbor, 2012/07/19 

George Ellery Hale Junior High School, later Middle School and now ‘Charter Academy’
Woodland Hills, California

My alma mater from the formative years 1963-65… (grades 7-9). Actually a pretty good school as I recall it. The worst I ever saw was chains and switchblades (à la “West Side Story”). Now they’ve got MAC 10’s and 9 mil’s… a definite ‘upgrade’ in fire-power… and a concomitant downgrade in humanity…

read more…

Want one of these

Max, 2012/07/17 

“What I like most about it… it’s made out of carboard!”

Before the night is out…


Jace Everett’s ‘Bad Things’ with the disturbing/tantalising opening visual sequence to HBO’s series “True Blood” starring the very talented Anna Paquin and set in the bayou country of northern Louisiana. Now in its 5th season, I don’t watch all or even many episodes, but the ones I’ve seen are rather good. You might call it a kind of ‘Twilight’ for grown ups… Or you might not. Great opening though… the swampy guitar bit over the decomposing fox works for me! 😉

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