The current State Of The Union…

SkyHarbor, 2012/09/29 

For my money, the HuffPost polling model appears the most comprehensive and ‘even-handed’ overall. The image that I snarfed is current as of Saturday night. The page is typically updated more than once a day, so click the image above to check on the latest.

Note that counting only the ‘strong’ Obama states (of which the Pacific coast states are all included [except Alaska] – we are the ‘Left’-most after all 😉 ), the current projected Electoral College count shows Obama only 5 points short of victory.

However, complacency is never wise. We ARE still more than 5 weeks and 4 debates away from an actual WIN. So please stay tuned… and keep posting!

Only somewhat a non-sequitur, Jeff Lynne’s ELO provides the upbeat outro for the film “Paul” (worth a look BTW – pretty funny and good heart):

LOL! So true!!


Gin & Tonic without Lyme? Perish the thought!…

SkyHarbor, 2012/09/28 

Mittens and Ann team up to counter the scourge of our time

Rachel hipped me to the ‘attack of the killer tick’ bit – which in my current state-of-mind strikes me as pretty funny:

As a President, Mitt Romney would make a dashing yachting club maitre d’!:
“Toss me the painter line, Biff!”

Given the State Of Fuck-All Today… I’m… exhausted. This is about the best I can do.
Je suis désolé.

tick tock


wet twin trains in munich
harvard twin star
chemis magic trilobyte baby
welton. zeroed down attacked in camera
the closet smashed splintered lintel
there are six voices in my head
one sayeth grief
one goad one sides with djinn
the old man offers coffee and whiskey
‘are you still up’
driven in youth to the edge of the city
take off
don’t come back
have you ever wandered
nowhere to go
no one to know
the magnetic field twisted and clenched
in burned-out circuits
no one is ever truly dead
she said
oh those thirty million years
yes, that long dust plain
i see you i see it
infinite takes
one, perhaps two
the cuts in-between
the others
yeah, no one’s watching

Matthews & Co. on the Polling ‘conspiracy’…

SkyHarbor, 2012/09/27 

OK, we’ve had the Mars rocks story and the pretty White Whale story… Welcome breaks both! But now, it’s time to re-gird your loins – and back to the daily slog to November!

I wrote about this in the wee hours of this morning:

The truth is, ALL political polls are ’skewed’. They are NOT scientific (they really can’t be as there are just too many unknowns). Hell, I’ve probably forgotten more about statistics than most of these guys will ever know. Each pollster purposely assigns weights to the various numbers. That’s fine… *IF* you’re weighting things correctly. It’s much like predicting stock futures: your super-secret-gee-whiz formula works just fine and dandy… until it DOESN’T. In a reality-based world, it’s much more useful to think of polls as more or less random ’snapshots’ and to watch the TREND of such polls. Over time, errors and biases tend to cancel each other out… so it’s the TREND that’s relevant.

Here’s the video from this evening, I find Dick Morris particularly amusing!:

F**k Romney – there’s conglomerate on Mars!



Definitive evidence of rushing water at some point in Mars’ (ancient) history. Quite exciting.

“From the size of gravels it carried, we can interpret the water was moving about 3 feet per second, with a depth somewhere between ankle and hip deep,” said Curiosity science co-investigator William Dietrich of the University of California, Berkeley. “Plenty of papers have been written about channels on Mars with many different hypotheses about the flows in them. This is the first time we’re actually seeing water-transported gravel on Mars. This is a transition from speculation about the size of streambed material to direct observation of it.”


‘Migaloo’ the White Whale!…


Near the Great Barrier Reef… This super rare albino Humpback Whale puts in an unexpected personal guest appearance for some stunned boaters!

Wow. I hope he’s not a relative of Moby Dick*! 😉

* Yes, I know. Moby Dick was a Sperm whale… It’s the ‘white’ thing.

Romney slide likely fatal…

SkyHarbor, 2012/09/26 

The opening segment of MSNBC’s panel-style show “Morning Joe” for this morning, anchored by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski captures the GOP mood I think. Joe Scarborough, an ‘old school’ (read ‘not completely insane’) style Republican who served as a Florida Representative for several years, can only do a double-face-palm on the state of the Romney campaign…

Mr. Obama has now opened up a 10 point lead in Ohio, which, if it holds, is absolutely lights out for a GOP presidential victory, now less than 6 weeks away from election night. If Romney cannot deliver a convincing win in next week’s 1st debate, I’d say it’s all over for ‘Mittens’… and the chances of that are pretty near ZERO.

Former Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendel puts his finger on the (immediate) problem with Mittens I think, which is that Romney’s radical veer to the Far Right to assuage (read ‘pander to’) ‘The Evangelical Christian Base’ has absolutely killed him. Romney is by nature a moderate, non-ideological plutocrat Republican, and he’s not a very good politician to begin with.

A ‘miracle’ or ‘October surprise’ could still happen, I guess… but barring that, Mittens is TOAST.

The State of the Onion is… WEIRD…

SkyHarbor, 2012/09/25 

The Onion Voter’s Guide To Barack Obama

… but pretty amusing! 😉

Mr. Science on falling Comets…


The de Havilland Comet – World’s first jet airliner

[NB: This was going to be a comment to Max’s ‘Dumber than Dubya?’ post, but it got a bit lengthy and byronius’ animated GIF image of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan morphing into Herman and Eddie Munster and back started freaking me out after a few minutes! 😉 ]

Max: The Aloha Airlines flight. Yes, that’s the one I referred to in comment #1 (in the previous post). The cause of fuselage failure like this is almost always ‘metal fatigue’.

Some background:

Before jet aircraft were used as passenger liners, propeller-driven ‘prop’ airliners flew at much lower altitudes and of course, much lower speeds. While cabins were pressurised, it was rather slight… a healthy person didn’t even require it as prop aircraft rarely if ever flew much above 15,000-20,000 feet. You can still breathe at those altitudes, so pressurisation was more for ‘comfort’ than an absolute necessity…

read more…

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