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Max, 2013/02/28 


Impeach Scalia!…

SkyHarbor, 2013/02/27 

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia has said many stupid and hateful things and appreciably slowed America’s march into the future over his career on the SCOTUS. But his comments today in court absolutely convinced me that this person has NO BUSINESS being on the highest court in the land. NONE. Get him OUT. NOW.

Supreme Court –
Justice Antonin Scalia referred to Congress’s renewal of the Voting Rights Act as the “perpetuation of racial entitlement”, during Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing on the law—a comment that one voting-rights advocate denounced as “shocking.”

Also, all SCOTUS proceedings are to be recorded BY LAW and made freely available to the citizenry. Starting IMMEDIATELY.



byronius, 2013/02/26 

this is fucking brilliant.

The BIG picture…


Gμν = -(8πG/c²)Tμν

This elegant symbolic formulation of Einstein’s general theory of relativity cannot be used for actual calculations, but it clearly shows the principle that “matter tells spacetime how to curve, and curved space tells matter how to move” (John Wheeler, Princeton University and the University of Texas at Austin) . The left side of the equation contains all the information about how space is curved, and the right side contains all the information about the location and motion of the matter. General relativity is beautiful and simple (to a physicist), but mathematically it’s very complicated and subtle.

Of course, General Relativity as formulated by Albert Einstein is an approximation. It says nothing for instance about ‘dark’ matter or energy, which make up the bulk of the ‘stuff’ our Universe is made of. It is also mathematically incompatible with Quantum theory. But I think you’ll agree that Herr Doktor Einstein made a pretty decent stab at the problem! 😉

An interesting and pretty accurate historical survey of our changing views of the Universe over the centuries:

Hungry Hungry Hippos…

SkyHarbor, 2013/02/25 

Far-Infrared image of the Galactic Center of the Milky Way

Lurking deep in the heart of our Milky Way galaxy, in the direction of Sagittarius A, is a super-massive black hole, the ‘Eater of All Things’. Out here in the galactic ‘burbs, we’re relatively safe… for now. But when our lovely neighbour galaxy Andromeda comes a-callin’ in a few billion years, all bets are OFF!

The more we look, the more we see these gravitational gargantuans in the centers of galaxies. My guess is we’ll find that these beasts are absolutely intrinsic to galaxy formation. No giant Black Holes – No big galaxies. Just an informed guess.

Here’s a very good PBS/NOVɅ programme on the topic:

NASA: The Black Hole in the Milky Way

Wiki: Andromeda-Milky Way Collision

Hamlet’s Blackberry


A summary for my wife of a book I just read.

The primary thesis of the book is that we live in an era of abrupt technological change which is challenging us psychologically. One of the main features of the new paradigm is a high value placed on connectedness. We are encouraged to devote more and more of our time in contact with larger and larger numbers of people through our technical interfaces. As a consequence, we don’t spend enough time alone with our thoughts or with our closest friends and family members. It is in these quiet moments that we process these stimuli and transform them into creative acts. The irony is that the new technologies do save time, but we fill up the time saved with the acquisition of new stimuli or never get time to process them.

read more…

Bored admin alert

onceknownasadmin, 2013/02/24 

Just started messing a little. See the recent comments list. Might be other nonsense happening in our world. I know you guys are all super conservative, so let me know if anything bugs you too much.

‘Esperanza’ means ‘Hope’…


For this Sunday morning’s ‘Jupiter Brain Brunch’, I humbly present Portland, Oregon’s brilliant young bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding and her remarkable band. To a first approximation, I’d call what she does Jazz, but she really transcends easy classification. I just know it sounds good and puts my head in good and interesting places!

So sip your coffee or (preferably) a mimosa, go on about your stuff and just let Esperanza and her cohorts sort of seep into your day. You’ll thank me! 😉

ζ Ophiuchi in Infrared!

SkyHarbor, 2013/02/22 

This infrared image, obtained by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope on Dec. 24, 2012, shows the giant star Zeta Ophiuchi. Zeta Ophiuchi is a young, large and hot star located around 370 light-years away The star is traveling at a snappy pace of about 54,000 mph (24 kilometers per second), fast enough to break the sound barrier in the surrounding interstellar material. Because of this motion, it creates a spectacular bow shock ahead of its direction of travel (to the left). The structure is analogous to the ripples that precede the bow of a ship as it moves through the water, or the sonic boom of an airplane hitting supersonic speeds.

Just too beautiful a shot to pass up!

Woah! How’d I miss this?

Max, 2013/02/21 

Coming soon to a window (not) near you…


Space Tourist to Announce Daring Manned Mars Voyage for 2018

The world’s first space tourist, Dennis Tito is planning to launch a manned mission to Mars in January 2018 on a round-trip journey lasting 501 days.

Tito, who paid about $20 million to visit the International Space Station in 2001, has founded a new nonprofit company called the Inspiration Mars Foundation. The manned mission is intended to “generate new knowledge, experience and momentum for the next great era of space exploration,” according to a press briefing posted by NASA Watch, a website dedicated to space news, on Feb. 20.

Very thorough DailyKos diary with pics of the Dragon Space X interior.

2018!?! Please make this happen!

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