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byronius, 2011/10/17 

United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY went toe to toe with the New York Police Department. An activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Thomas voiced his opinions of the NYPD police brutality that had and has been plaguing the #OWS movement.

Thomas is a 24-year-old Marine Veteran (2 tours in Iraq), he currently plays amateur football and is in college.

Thomas comes from a long line of people who sacrifice for their country: Mother, Army Veteran (Iraq), Step father, Army, active duty (Afghanistan), Grand father, Air Force veteran (Vietnam), Great Grand Father Navy veteran (World War II).

For any American city to permit a violent response to nonviolent protests is the height of idiocy. Whosoever counsels such action is untterly incompetent. Most Americans support the OWS (>75%), understand its goals, support reform of the financial industry, and think the protestors should remain unmolested. Even most Republicans.

NYPD Officer Anthony Bologna is a mentally ill man wearing a uniform. This kind of public servant spells doom to the social fabric he is paid to serve. Pepper-spraying intelligent and non-violent young women is, I believe, a clear indication of Civic Fail.

I bought them a couple of pizzas, but I really, really want to go.


  1. byronius wrote,

    The mocking of middle-class pain is just as foolish:

    Comment on 2011/10/17 @ 3:39 pm

  2. Satellite A135-S2396 Battery wrote,

    “Why are you in riot gear when no one is trying to riot?” Sgt. Shamar Thomas OCCUPYWALLSTREET OWS

    Comment on 2011/10/17 @ 8:57 pm

  3. Max wrote,

    Here’s a great primer on the historical significance of this movement.

    Occupy Protests’ Seismic Effect

    Comment on 2011/10/18 @ 9:07 am

  4. byronius wrote,

    Very powerful and succinct encapsulation. I signed his petition.

    Comment on 2011/10/18 @ 9:34 am

  5. byronius wrote,


    Comment on 2011/10/18 @ 9:41 am

  6. Cat-eyes wrote,

    This is the heart of it all – ” The Occupy Wall Street movement, by contrast, represents a direct reckoning with the most powerful forces in American life, forces that are not voted in and out of office every two or four years. And it represents a belief that young Americans must force that reckoning by themselves. No politician will do it for them. Those instincts are exactly right, and we’ve never needed them more.”

    Comment on 2011/10/18 @ 10:07 am

  7. SkyHarbor wrote,

    Totally agree Cat-eyes!

    N.B.: this comment somewhat duplicates and combines comments #12, 14 and 15 from Max’s ‘Who are you without your stuff?’ posting. I just thought it should be HERE instead. So there! ;-}

    (it was Max’s pic which sort of set me off! ;-})

    Perfect. When questioned closely, the securities traders all eventually hemmed and hawed and said “Well, it wasn’t strictly speaking ILLEGAL…”.

    Yes. And just WHY is that, Mr. Trader, Hmmmm?? It is because you bribed and de-fanged the SEC and ‘lobbied’ (ie: bought off) the Congress to deregulate, deregulate, DEREGULATE.

    “We can regulate ourselves!” they insisted.


    The FACT is, Wall Street is FULL of thieves who if given half a chance, will steal anything that’s not nailed down! And even those who did NOT take direct part in this ‘carnival of greed and avarice’ are to blame as WELL, because they DID KNOW what was happening, and did NOTHING to stop it or even raise an alarm! Cowards and liars and thieves!

    Those disgraceful excuses for humanity who EVEN NOW daintily sip their ‘Moët et Chandon’ while looking down with amused disdain upon the people they sodomised (and continue to do so) deserve to have their delicate crystal ‘flutes’ rammed unceremoniously up their nether regions… while tearfully signing over their ill-got fortunes and belatedly begging forgiveness…

    You want class warfare? You GOT it!

    “They have the guns but we got the numbers…” – Jim Morrison


    I guess I’m just a bit on the ‘mildly annoyed’ side today over ongoing attempts to dismiss or suppress the #OWS effort… I ask all New Worlders to please watch this:

    The Warning: part 2/6

    The Warning: part 3/6

    The Warning: part 4/6

    The Warning: part 5/6

    The Warning: part 6/6

    The intro to the PBS/Frontline episode “The Warning”, the story of Brooksley Born and the derivatives swindle. It’s in 6/10 minute parts. If your blood isn’t boiling and you aren’t ready to go to war at the end of this program, then I suggest that you register as a Republican!

    You can also watch in HERE with additional materials and interviews.

    Ms. Born and Elizabeth Warren (now running for Senate [D-Mass]) are two true heroines of the American People… Even if many have never heard of them. They deserve our thanks and support!

    Comment on 2011/10/18 @ 11:37 am

  8. SkyHarbor wrote,

    oops! ‘HERE’ above should have pointed


    Comment on 2011/10/18 @ 11:44 am

  9. SkyHarbor wrote,

    Oh, and btw, FUCK Ayn Rand! Her “Atlas Shrugged” was wrong-headed when I read it in high school, and it’s still wrong today!

    Comment on 2011/10/18 @ 12:05 pm

  10. byronius wrote,

    Ayn Rand, the ultimate queen of insect politics, a devotee of all men fighting to the death for dominance (probably a sex thing), and a recipient of government aid, without which she would have sunk into a useful demise much earlier, so perhaps she’s correct in her own case, even a dead clock blah blah blah.

    Al Gore wrote a brilliant book called ‘The Assault On Reason’, in which he said something that really woke me up — that reason and logic are tools by which humans seek to socially justify primal urges, and that the best you could do was strive to remain aware of this.

    That was informative, Sky. I haven’t finished the ‘Warning’ program, but Greenspan’s relationship to Rand was forgotten by me, and that was a great re-kick. I did not realize Geither was also his protege. Good Lord.

    Financial Industry is the first refuge of the sociopath. It seems to attract them. And Rand, with her echoing sterile steel hallways, and the somehow-enforced reversion to armed city-states in a nuclear age — she’s done a great deal of damage to the human cause. People really buy that shit, and I think it can be more devastating than your run-of-the-mill koolaid. I’ve met intelligent humans who professed to be Randians, and always at the core I found emotional underpinnings for the abruptly-starting intellectual masterpiece of masturbation that is Galtia.

    I associate Rand with dissociation, the Not-Feeling, the lizard-like philosophy of Dead Strangers. A murderous ideovirus, and dangerous. Usually not hate-based so much as undealt-with insecurity and under-parenting. A grim and quite deadly belief, because without a Left, all these people become dead soon.

    Emotional Intelligence is a hardcore survival trait, I believe. The most powerful of all. Posh with the guns. Pbbbt. The cooperative spirit, and The Mind. Boom.

    Comment on 2011/10/18 @ 3:34 pm

  11. byronius wrote,

    This is good. Chris Hedges, who’s done it all and seen it all:

    Comment on 2011/10/19 @ 7:21 am

  12. SkyHarbor wrote,

    I agree with a lot of what Chris has to say, and I shared his early ‘perplexification’ at the #OWS seeming lack of organisation…

    But I think I finally get it… The Twitter ‘#’ (hash) in #OWS is significant in that this is NOT your traditional hierarchical ‘organised’ group, but rather a non-centralised ‘network’ like the internet itself or even a rudimentary ‘neural network’ to push the metaphor to its breaking point… Such a network cannot be ‘led’, nor can it be ‘decapitated’ by ‘taking out’ a non-existent ‘leadership’!

    I will say however that it was a bit jarring/amusing that while Hedges is talking about how smart and politically astute the movement is, to see a guy walk up with a sign that reads:


    Comment on 2011/10/19 @ 12:33 pm

  13. SkyHarbor wrote,

    I said that I agree with much of what Mr. Hedges has to say, but I must hasten to add… not ALL of them. In particular, I take exception with his assertion that “New Atheists like Christopher Hitchens are as dangerous as Christian fundamentalists.”:

    Salon interview: “I don’t believe in atheists”:

    Though Hedges, a Harvard seminary graduate and the son of a Presbyterian minister, considers himself a religious man, his quarrel with the New Atheists goes beyond theological concerns. In “I Don’t Believe in Atheists,” he accuses Hitchens and the others of preaching a fundamentalism as dangerous as the religious fundamentalist belief systems they attack. Strange bedfellows indeed — according to Hedges, the New Atheists and the Christian right pose the greatest threat facing American democratic society today.

    In the Salon interview, Hedges has scathing words for Hitchins, dismisses Sam Harris as ‘shallow’ and yet curiously lets Richard Dawkins ‘off the hook’ because he’s British! (umm… and Hitchins isn’t?)

    I also argue with the term ‘New Atheist’, what’s ‘new ‘about it? You either believe or you don’t. At least that’s the way I see it. But Hedges nonetheless apparently sees a nefarious totalitarian (!) ‘crusade’ especially in Hitchins.

    My suspicion is that Hedges simply dislikes Hitchins’ irascibility and perhaps ‘disapproves’ of his somewhat ‘dissolute’ lifestyle, which up until his cancer diagnosis included heavy alcohol and tobacco consumption.

    Hell, Hitchins could argue for hours over how many eggs are in a dozen! 😉

    I admire Hedges and he’s seen a lot of stuff I’ve only read about; and his equating fundamentalist Christianity with Fascism is right out of my OWN play book… But I think Chris’ Presbytarian seminarian background has clouded his judgement when it comes to outspoken atheists.

    Comment on 2011/10/19 @ 9:13 pm

  14. SkyHarbor wrote,

    MY ‘crusade’ is against knuckle-dragging STUPIDITY…

    Comment on 2011/10/19 @ 9:18 pm

  15. Max wrote,

    Anybody who thinks Sam Harris is shallow has got a screw lose (IMHO).

    Comment on 2011/10/19 @ 9:45 pm

  16. SkyHarbor wrote,

    You’ll notice also in the video that Hedges characterised MoveOn.org as a “reprehensible organisation”

    I beg to differ.

    Comment on 2011/10/19 @ 10:48 pm

  17. byronius wrote,

    I must admit I heard this clip in bits on Randi, and did not listen to the whole thing.

    And now, I’ll have to.

    Comment on 2011/10/20 @ 12:02 am

  18. byronius wrote,

    Interesting — he’s a little like Andrew Sullivan, I suppose. He dissed on Charley Rangel, and that’s just not happening in earshot of me. Fuck that shit. Pardon me.

    But 95% I agree with him on, and I do agree that decentralized movements foil corporate sharkheads, who always just look for who to frame, intimidate, or murder/small plane accident.

    It’s also smart to have everyone camera-armed. The NYPD made a huge mistake when it let Bologna roam the streets. Someone fucked up at their job royally. That asshole managed to perfectly sum up the core of all things conservative. Harm the young women at the behest of the old men. That reflects my lifelong experience with the emotional undercurrents of that creed, and Bologna just displayed the height of the art.

    It’s all so Saudi.

    Comment on 2011/10/20 @ 4:43 pm

  19. byronius wrote,

    Another glimpse inside:

    Comment on 2011/10/20 @ 4:46 pm

  20. SkyHarbor wrote,

    “I’m not Black, but there’s been a whole lot of times I wished I could say “I’m not White” – Frank Zappa

    The postal carrier displays the patience of a saint, and this woman is clearly unhinged…

    Click the button to ‘Watch on YouTube’ and look at the viewer comments.

    To wit:

    Everybody saying ‘Oh the black man was so nice even when that bitch was insulting him, how professional’, you’re naive and dumb. He was being ‘nice and professinal’ just because he was recording it. I have never, ever known a negro managing a situation with logic and responsability, only with violence or with overacting victimism, they don’t reason, they just mimic humans.

    J3D3Iq8pIEGEL 2 hours ago

    I just flagged this comment as ‘spam’ to make it go away. Now I’m REALLY embarrassed for white people!


    Comment on 2011/10/20 @ 5:27 pm

  21. byronius wrote,


    Comment on 2011/10/28 @ 2:02 pm

  22. SkyHarbor wrote,

    AMEN! The Right makes a serious (maybe fatal) error by dismissing the 99%’ers as “nothing more than ‘hippies’ and ‘anarchists'”… I’m still not completely sold the this is the most effective way to go about this (though I completely support the cause), but I admit that I haven’t got a better idea, and the ‘Occupy’ effort IS making far more impact than I ever expected, so what do I know?

    Comment on 2011/10/28 @ 2:27 pm

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