Muzzle or abolish the EPA… for ‘more jobs’…

SkyHarbor, 2011/10/25 

Just how f*cking dumb does the ‘Energy sector’ think we are anyway? (pretty damn dumb apparently)… and then they attempt to blackmail America by claiming the EPA is ‘riding roughshod’ on the Energy (coal) producers… attempting to make us believe that stopping the EPA is the only way get cheap energy and more jobs.

It is a measure of the power elites’ smugness that they don’t even TRY very hard to mask their lies anymore!

‘clean coal’ makes as much sense as ‘healthy cancer’.


  1. SkyHarbor wrote,

    The Big Lie:
    Yee HAW!!:

    Is that not obscene? Gotta hand it to ’em though, it took a LOT of chutzpah to come up with a PR campaign slogan like ‘Clean Coal’

    Clearly, the ‘Carbon Consortium’ and their GOP cronies are well familiar with Hitler’s Mein Kamf and the concept of the ‘Big Lie’:

    “When the Lie’s So Big” by Frank Zappa (1989)

    They got lies so big
    They don’t make a noise
    They tell ’em so well
    Like a secret disease
    That makes you go numb

    With a big ol’ lie
    And a flag and a pie
    And a mom and a bible
    Most folks are just liable
    To buy any line
    Any place, any time

    When the lie’s so big
    As in Robertson’s case,
    (That sinister face
    Behind all the Jesus hurrah)

    Could result in the end
    To a worrisome trend
    In which every American
    Not “born again”
    Could be punished in cruel and unusual ways
    By this treacherous cretin
    Who tells everyone
    That he’s Jesus’ best friend

    When the lies get so big
    And the fog gets so thick
    And the facts disappear
    The Republican Trick
    Can be played out again
    People, please tell me when
    We’ll be rid of these men?!

    Just who do they really
    Suppose that they are?
    And how do they manage to travel as far
    As they seem to have come?
    Were we really that dumb?

    People, wake up
    Figure it out
    Religious fanatics
    Around and about
    The Court House, The State House,
    The Congress, The White House

    Criminal saints
    With a “Heavenly Mission” —
    A nation enraptured
    By pure superstition

    (Is everybody happy?)

    When the lie’s so big
    And the fog so thick
    And the facts get forgotten
    The Republican Trick
    Can be played out again
    People, please tell me when
    We’ll be rid of these men?!

    22 years ago and truer than ever!
    You tell ’em Frank! (goddess I miss that guy!)

    The Hideous Truth:

    … and they’re tear-gassin’ ’em in Oakland and Atlanta as I write…

    Comment on 2011/10/26 @ 1:29 am

  2. Cat-eyes wrote,

    the latest scientific american has an article on fracking – haven’t read it yet but saw in the pull box the mention that it was Dick-head Cheney that got the Bush-wacked admin to pass a bill exempting fracking from the clean water act – when that’s the biggest threat and danger already established with regard to fracking. It’s called the Halliburton Exemption.

    how did this country get so far off-track

    Comment on 2011/10/26 @ 12:04 pm

  3. SkyHarbor wrote,

    Cat-eyes: You are correct. How convenient! Let’s just grease the right palms and get an exemption from the law!

    From the film ‘Gasland’:

    Comment on 2011/10/26 @ 1:03 pm

  4. SkyHarbor wrote,

    The only reasonable conclusion is that any energy source based on burning anything is a long term losing proposition… the obvious corollary being that such burning involves releasing (very inefficiently) the energy long stored in once living things. ie: Carbon.

    There are exactly two ‘ultimate’ sources of energy on our planet. Natural radioactive decay and the Sun itself.

    Solar energy is still viable, but its cost/efficiency curve has been so far disappointing. Battery technology has made considerable performance improvements, but requires another big leap to really make electric cars, computers and long-term energy storage truly practical.

    The first (Earthly) Cyanobacteria managed to figure out photo-synthesis (far more efficient than solar panels!). I think a more ambitious study of how to duplicate this remarkable process is long overdue. Hydro-thermal and even seismic energy are also essentially ‘free’.

    Thermodynamics says that ALL that is required to produce useful energy is a separation and a DIFFERENCE between A and B! Energy therefore is simply a (localised) reduction in ENTROPY.

    Wind and waves are good (and utterly renewable) sources of energy, as also are hydroelectric dams… but those involve unintended consequences that offset some of its advantages. ‘Moving parts’ (like turbines and dynamos) are inherently inefficient, and that friction heat waste also makes things wear out.

    Can you imagine even 80% efficient solar panels and batteries that could store that energy for YEARS… along with a ‘smart’ electricity transmission grid where individual buildings can ‘upload’ surplus energy for credit???

    Energy ‘crisis’ SOLVED… as well as going a long way toward cleaning up the air and water and the landscape in general! It CAN be done. We just have to quit the ‘lip service’ and get down to WORK!

    We have access to effectively UNLIMITED CLEAN ENERGY. We just have to get SMART about it…

    Oh wait! Did I say ‘SMART’? I knew there’d be a snag somewhere!
    Oh well.

    Comment on 2011/10/26 @ 3:32 pm

  5. byronius wrote,

    Interesting, isn’t it, how perfectly well some humans on the planet are playing the villian; choosing the worst possible alternatives, and indeed making them up if they do not exist. Like some Saturday morning cartoon character with insecurities from a bad childhood.

    This all ends badly for the villain as well, though. They and their offspring.

    Comment on 2011/10/26 @ 10:49 pm

  6. Max wrote,

    How ’bout this stuff?

    New Google Map Reveals U.S. Geothermal Resources 10 Times Greater Than Coal


    I feel a heat buildin’ up down deep.

    Comment on 2011/10/26 @ 11:57 pm

  7. SkyHarbor wrote,

    Cat-eyes: I read as much of the SciAm article as I could without a subscription, and found this in a ‘Storified’ comment on the article you referred to:

    I find it amusing that although New York state appears ready to allow the rest of NY to get ‘fracked’, the capitol of Albany won’t have anything to do with it (“fine, but not in MY back yard!”)…

    When you can light your DRINKING WATER on FIRE, and your family is falling ill to various strange neuropathies, I’d say that should be a pretty strong clue that something is terribly amiss! I saw ‘Gasland’ some time back, and although it’s obviously an advocacy piece, I was frankly horrified by what is apparently going on…

    There is no ‘middle ground’ on the fracking issue.

    Given the less than stellar environmental track record (to put it very charitably) of the petroleum industry, I think we are properly suspicious over their so-called ‘proof’ of how safe the method is. To put it more bluntly, we’ve been glibly lied to by the industry over and over and over and…

    But $40B profit per quarter is a pretty strong motivator too I guess.


    Max/geothermal: Nice! This is all essentially ‘free’ energy, that is going to happen anyway… we might as well make some use of it!

    Of course, if the Yellowstone caldera goes ka-boom, all bets are off anyway!


    One key thing that has held us back from a sane energy policy is what I’ll call the ‘vested interest effect’. It’s long been known that the over-cozy relationship between big-oil and big-gas-guzzling cars has effectively frozen any progress in electric (or any non-internal-combustion) vehicles until only very recently.

    Why think ‘outside the box’ when the box you’re in is very, VERY comfortable??! 😉

    Comment on 2011/10/27 @ 12:28 am

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