On the Debt Ceiling GOP cave and the ‘VIX’…

SkyHarbor, 2013/01/19 

Rachel Maddow for Friday, 18 January:

The Frontline programme excerpted above:
PBS/Frontline: “Inside Obama’s Presidency”
A very good overview of Mr. Obama’s first term.

We think we’re voting for certain policy positions and initiatives. But Obama (or McCain) surely didn’t see the economic meltdown coming just weeks before the 2008 election. What we really vote for is a person’s temperament. Because shit WILL happen, and it’s a president’s reaction to the unexpected that usually defines a presidency.


  1. SkyHarbor wrote,

    I recommend the Frontline programme above. We see how Obama bent over backwards (too far IMHO) in an attempt to ‘play nice’ with the Reptilians… only to be rebuffed or double-crossed… repeatedly.

    So much for “No Red states or Blue states, only the United States”.
    As Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker put it trenchantly “You know what American people? We have two different ideologies in this country, and you gotta pick one or the other.”

    In November, America made a clear choice for Obama and repudiated the ideology of the Right (thank Gaia). That doesn’t mean that the fascists have gone away, but I think we’ll hear less about Obama’s ‘fake’ birth certificate and ‘legitimate’ rape!

    Comment on 2013/01/20 @ 6:03 am

  2. byronius wrote,

    I just finished watching an excellent episode of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ that cogently dealt with the problems every society faces when Accumulated Wealth becomes entrenched and incompetent enough to bombard the non-wealthy with an endless stream of expensive propaganda aimed at convincing the non-wealthy that Accumulated Wealth should not only be allowed to accumulate even more, but that they are also superior to the non-wealthy, and so should be given a greater voice in how the society should be run.

    Once they convince some of the non-wealthy of these ideas, they use the ‘democratic’ leverage to tilt the society (especially through tax policy) so that an even greater percentage of produced wealth flows to the Accumulated Bloc, accelerating the process.

    Now, the episode is just a partial take on these issues, and the problem is semi-solved by the fact they have an intelligent leader at the helm. But I found myself with tears in my eyes, because we aren’t anywhere near the successful resolution of these problems.

    Most Americans don’t know anything at all of the history surrounding this issue, that it has blossomed again and again in human development like a poisonous Flower of Doom, that it has consumed millions of lives and fortunes, and that the end result is always the same: misery, destruction, death, hatred, violence. The last fifteen years has witnessed the acceleration of the conflict, particularly from the the Citizens United decision, which put democracy up for sale to the highest bidder. The wholesale destruction and repression of public education by Accumulated Wealth is another ‘kicker’, one that will bear awful fruit for generations to come, should we survive.

    I’ve come to the opinion that Accumulated Wealth is an enemy of the state, and an enemy of humanity. The phenomenon is not primarily the result of individual initiative or spark of genius, but of sociopathic behavior — the willingness to do things that hurt everyone, that hurt the Earth, for the sake of being allowed to hoard.

    Decrease all middle class taxes, including the SS and Medicare tax. Lift the cap entirely; let the billionaire pay 7.65% on their entire income, and increase benefits accordingly for the middle class. We need to tax accumulations, not just income; tax wealth itself. Offshoring should be punishable by a drastic 99% penalty tax; give them a holiday, a chance to bring it back under current tax rates, and then wipe out those who refuse.

    I’ve had it with the Sociopathic Incompetence of Wealth. It is an illusion that most of them provide anything of value to the society. Allowing them to purchase democracy is going to burn the world down. We have to stop them, now.

    It will rescue them, and their children, as well — the flames will not respect their privilege. All are going to suffer.

    Great Maddow clip. Damn she’s good.

    Comment on 2013/01/20 @ 12:39 pm

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