byronius, 2013/05/20 

uhhhhh, Labibia?
we’re not racists at all!
we just think he’s a muslin
lookit zombie obama bleed HAR! shoot im agin
corporations should run everything their smart
no welfare! red state white people only
shut up or i;ll hit you
gays! i read a study on newsmax
take my auto ‘n i’ll kill you all
s’american whey
party o’ lincoln
its genetical
i’m not stupid your stupid!
hate you
you nazi hippie facist maoist marxist’s
fuck trees
lookit the teevee
HAR! red a studee on fox
sez carbon oxide’s got what plant’s crave
sometimes i feel funny
am i —
Bengazi inpeach!

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  1. Max wrote,

    worse than watergate
    and the holocaust
    and the black plague
    and ghengis khan
    and hiroshima
    and the dark face of mordor
    all rolled together
    times ten

    Comment on 2013/05/20 @ 10:43 am

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