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byronius, 2013/09/06 

Sluggamundo posted about the evil 432ist conspiracy to overturn all that is green and good about this earth, and they actually tried to use this video to bolster their hideous cause:

That’s frickin’ beautiful, is what. But I think it’s the little grains of salt dancin’ to the Music. And it’aint got nuthin’ ta do with 432.

Ten bucks says Sluggo says something REALLY MAD. She hates those 432 fuckers.


  1. Max wrote,

    The 432ists are a fringe loony-tune (get it?) faction supporting just one of dozens of different ‘standard’ pitches in the last couple of hundred years. Read this and you’ll see that just about every frequency imaginable has been a standard for somebody at some time or other.

    I know two things. One is I’m damn glad that there is a consensus at something or trying to create or listen to music would be shear madness. Two is that the only person I’ve ever met who insisted on 432 as a standard turned out to be a complete asshole.

    Beat that Sluggo.

    Comment on 2013/09/06 @ 9:26 pm

  2. SkyHarbor wrote,

    The current ‘Standard’ pitch of A above middle C=440 Hz is a consensus of how orchestral instruments ‘sound’ together. Max’s Wiki-link shows that this tuning ‘standard’ has wobbled all over the place over the centuries both above and below the 440 standard we use today. The so-called ‘Verdi tuning’ is in fact A=432 Hz.

    My love of number and study of ‘Just Intonation’ make musical pitch of more than passing interest:

    [Toward a more rational music?]

    I would only point that we generally use ‘tempered’ tuning (and have since the mid-18th century). This means that only OCTAVES can ever be ‘in tune’. All other notes are ‘smooshed’ (a technical term) slightly from their ‘pure’ ratio pitches. Thus, we tune Middle C as 440 * 2(-9/12) = ~261.6255 Hz. If we were to use 432 Hz as our ‘standard’, Middle C would be ~256.8687 Hz.

    From this ‘tempered’ perspective, calling ANY pitch used as a ‘standard’ particularly ‘COSMIC’ is simply wrong-headed…

    Are there real resonant pitches? Of COURSE there are! The (overused) example of the crystal goblet being shattered by a singer hitting a certain note is certainly indicating a ‘resonance’. When a building sways at its ‘natural’ frequency in an earthquake, that building will not be standing for many more seconds…

    Are there ‘cosmic’ frequencies? Depends what you mean by ‘cosmic’, I suppose… The whole planet ‘rings’ like a (very) low-pitched bell when we have earthquakes or Earth gets hit by big space-rocks.

    All bodies have a natural resonant frequency.

    Is A=432 or A=440 a ‘conspiracy’? Does A=432 sound ‘better’ than A=440? Not to me. I will say that equating 432 Hz to mystic numerology is utter nonsense!

    Still, those Chladni resonance patterns are fun to watch! Note how the pattern stays stable for a while and then changes instantly as certain resonances are reached:

    Comment on 2013/09/07 @ 5:07 am

  3. SkyHarbor wrote,


    Comment on 2013/09/07 @ 5:08 am

  4. Sluggo wrote,

    The side by side comparison is a ploy. A ruse. Pure subterfuge. To make their miserable 432 look better. It’s a fuckin conspiracy. Goddamn them A432 bastards all to hell.

    Comment on 2013/09/07 @ 4:35 pm

  5. Sluggo wrote,

    I’m an A440 gal all the way. It’s all I’ve ever known! Plus everyone tunes to it. How the hell do you tune a piano back and forth at a moment’s notice just to jam with some wretched A432 lovin prick? I SAY NO!! On the other hand, if I end up keeping more than one piano, then maybe I will have one of them tuned to A432, just in case some idiot who wants to gum up the works comes over to play. That way, I’ll be ready for em.

    Comment on 2013/09/07 @ 4:41 pm

  6. Max wrote,

    You should tune it to A431.5 just to mess with him.

    Comment on 2013/09/07 @ 4:49 pm

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