Albik Trizz redux: a tale of two tapes…

SkyHarbor, 2010/10/10 

The entire 29 April, 1972 Albik Trizz concert is available for your dining, dancing and dreaming pleasure in ten ‘bite size chunks’ here.

After GilaMonster kindly posted several heavily edited lo-rez cassette dubs of Albik Trizz live a couple of months back, I was able to get with him offline and it was revealed that he possessed first generation reel-to-reel copies of the original concert tapes (recorded on Ed Pierson’s Revox A-77*)… stashed away lo these many years!

But because GilaMonster is a fan (and a fine musician in his own right), it didn’t take too much cajoling to talk him into transferring these originals to digital format. In point of fact, GilaMonster went above and beyond the call and took the tapes to a commercial tape transfer facility in New Jersey and paid good money to have these ‘sonic time capsules’ professionally transferred to hi-rez (24-bit/48kHz) digital format…

I was a bit worried that 38+ years (!) of tape storage may have caused massive sound deterioration, but GilaMonster said they sounded pretty good. Anyway, I received DVD copies of the raw data less than two weeks ago, and immediately went to work. While there ARE some tape ‘artifacts’** (and people would often bump into the table where the recorder was!), the overall sound was remarkably clear.

My first impressions were generally favourable (although also revealing my numerous errors and muffs in glorious Stereo Hi-Fi! ;-})… I must say however, that the ‘vocals’ such as they were, are often problematic to say the least! We were primarily an instrumental group after all… (where were byronius, Sluggo or Natalie when we needed them?!). Truth be told though, Rick could never have tolerated a ‘front man’ anyway… so it just IZ what it WAZ.

The goal however, was not to try to ‘sweeten’ or ‘glitz’ things up too much, but to just represent the original sound as faithfully as possible. I decided to take a documentary approach, leaving the songs uncut and unmodified… as a musical history as it were… For better or worse.

Since I had never posted anything to YouTube, I had to become acquainted with the ‘Windows Movie Maker’ app, which I didn’t even know I had, but which did allow me to wrap the sound in some images (some mine, some swiped from GilaMonster’s posts), and produce some rudimentary ‘videos’ in YouTube acceptable format.

Through several private ‘test postings’ during the process, GilaMonster and Steveareno both provided valuable feedback and criticism, suggesting EQ adjustments and format changes all of which helped me to ‘zero in’ on an acceptable ‘product’. There is some additional ‘Trizz material from other venues that I may post in the future…

Anyway, I’m probably rambling… Please DO check out a few of the posts, and I hope you enjoy them! Whatever else may be true, something unique happened there and then in the Arizona desert, and I believe it deserves to be preserved.

What do YOU think?

* The Revox A-77 (made by Studer in Germany) was the finest ‘consumer’ machine available at the time. The recordings were made in ‘true’ stereo using two Beyer microphones. Nothing fancy!

** One of the more interesting ‘artifacts’ occurs in ‘Thomasina’, where apparent tape ‘print through’ resulted in some intriguing ‘backwards’ effects. They actually sound kinda cool!


  1. byronius wrote,

    Wow. Amazingly good sound. Great stuff, Sky. Keep posting it.

    More stories about the band, as well. Blog away. You never know what tale will strike.

    Comment on 2010/10/10 @ 7:15 pm

  2. SkyHarbor wrote,

    byronius: There are currently 10 posts… which (I think) should fill anyone’s ‘dance card’ for a week at least! ;-})

    We really didn’t know what we were doing of course! ;-}
    THAT was a part of it’s beauty! And why I gravitated to the ‘Jupiter Sheep’ mindset!

    Even then, I found it amusing that our SCC/MCC/ASU music prof’s found us SooOOOO intriguing! SOMETHING was clearly HAPPENING… they GOT that, but clearly MISSED the point of the exercise!

    While we clearly couldn’t sing worth a damn, the lyrics are right up there with your own ‘Sheep’ efforts… well, sometimes.. ;-}

    Again, WHY? did I gravitate to Jupiter Sheep ?
    Simply put.. BIRDS OF A FEATHER!

    It was only when arguments (over DOGS!) got too venomous for my mirror… And the death of Dianna combined to force me to finally seek ‘greener pastures!’…it just wasn’t FUN anymore!

    Humans are a BITCH!

    Comment on 2010/10/11 @ 3:51 am

  3. byronius wrote,

    Well, let’s just let it all hang out.

    My theory had to do with espionage and aliens and weird sexual rituals… but if you want to just paper everything over, make it sound human… fine.

    As Slug used to sing: dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs in the dominant seventh chord, dogs make trouble everywhere they go.

    Comment on 2010/10/11 @ 10:15 am

  4. Max wrote,

    “…dogs make trouble everywhere they go”

    as she can well attest. How is the slugster doing, BTW?

    Comment on 2010/10/11 @ 10:41 am

  5. byronius wrote,

    Healing up. Seems like she’ll live.

    Comment on 2010/10/11 @ 11:36 am

  6. SkyHarbor wrote,

    What? Our beloved Sluggo hurt? sick? kidnapped and probed by aliens? Please let me know (offline if desired)…

    Comment on 2010/10/11 @ 4:57 pm

  7. SkyHarbor wrote,

    I’m glad to know Sluggo will survive! Maybe she was better off with her tiny dog that she could stash in her bag… at least IT didn’t have a predilection for street fighting!

    As to byronius’ request for lurid tales of Albik Trizz and Arizona musical mayhem, perhaps the following somewhat rambling tale will be of some passing interest…

    If you’ve actually listened to our Albik Trizz oeuvre (and many have, so I thank you!), it likely occurs to you to question how we could possibly have made an actual living performing such avant-garde material… and you’d be right! We couldn’t!

    So, as I’ve previously mentioned in passing, Rick and I played in a South Phoenix soul/funk outfit called… wait for it… ‘High Voltage’… where we represented a ‘lighter shade of pale’ if you take my meaning…

    Anyway, we gained quite an education playing seedy dives all over South/Central Phoenix (the ‘Elks Club’, ‘Riverside Ballroom’ and the ‘T-99’ on 7th Ave. were ‘favourites’… (Wow, ‘T-99’… the name SAYS it man!) Playing all the Dyke and the Blazers hits, Johnny Taylor (“Who’s Makin’ Love To Your Old Lady (While You Were Out Makin’ Love)? and “It’s Your Thing”), James Brown, Al Green, even some Sly and the Family Stone and various Motown hits &c… you get the picture?

    So anyhow, we got a gig to play a prom at Chandler High School. Howard Gayles, the leader of the group, lived in a modest house where we rehearsed. We were well known and somewhat admired in the (all-black) neighbourhood, and kids would hang out in the yard listening to us practice. On this particular occasion, some asked to be ‘roadies’ and help with the equipment… this turned out to be a big mistake!

    Rick drove a VW Bug at the time and we showed up for the gig and directed our ‘helpers’ in moving our equipment into the gym… so far, so good. We set up our gear and didn’t notice that our teenage ‘roadies’ had mysteriously disappeared…

    So we tuned up and began our first set. Everything seemed fine… at first. Then one of our young ‘roadies’ frantically ran up to Howard and begged to stash a GUN in the guts of his Hammond organ! He refused, but something was clearly AMISS! It was then we noticed that half of the Chandler police force was spread out covering every entry and exit from the gym!

    In those days, Chandler was a poor outlying farming town, and Mexican gangs often roamed the streets… a big ‘prom’ was a veritable MAGNET for these young ruffians and somehow, an exchange of ‘words’ between them and our black ‘roadies’ had escalated into a brawl and then into outright gang warfare! Gunfire had been exchanged. All unbeknownst to US!

    So the cops had quelled the disturbance outside and were looking to snag anyone who’d attempted to ‘blend’ into the crowd in the gym. But being of the ‘deeply tanned’ persuasion, our ‘roadies’ stood out like sore thumbs and were nabbed in short order, including the young idiot who’d thought it would be ‘cool’ to pack a rod to a high school dance!

    The prom was halted and everyone was told to immediately go home. So we (in somewhat of a daze) packed up our gear (sans our erstwhile ‘helpers’) and started loading it into our vehicles…

    Have you ever seen blood under sodium street lights? It looks BLACK. There were several injuries, but as far as I know, no one died… As Rick and I packed our guitars into the VW, I noticed not just one, but TWO BULLET holes in the door panel of Rick’s bug! Maybe that’s not so uncommon these days, but in ’70-’72 it was pretty damn shocking to a couple of white kids from the ‘burbs! But Rick never fixed the holes… in fact, they became a sort of ‘badge of honour’! ;-}

    Believe it or not, we still got paid for the gig… but our check came from our agent with a letter from the principal of Chandler High specifically DIS-inviting our band from EVER playing at their school again!

    True story.

    Comment on 2010/10/13 @ 2:36 pm

  8. byronius wrote,

    Excellent. Go on…

    Comment on 2010/10/13 @ 3:29 pm

  9. SkyHarbor wrote,

    byronius has requested ‘more’… My description of the High Voltage band put me in mind of the following…

    One of the more interesting personalities in the ‘High Voltage’ assemblage was the drummer, one ‘Rodney Brown’… forever known to us as ‘ROT-ney’, he was a product of the Phoenix ‘projects’, known elsewhere as the ‘ghetto’, Rodney was uneducated, uncouth and one of the best drummers I ever heard!

    Rodney was also funny as hell… a bit of a clown in fact, and he would often crack us up with amazing non- sequiturs which sometimes revealed that he was no idiot! But Rodney was also a human train-wreck just waiting to careen off the tracks and hit the wall! As byronius has expressed his admiration for the Who‘s Keith Moon, I would go almost as far as to describe Rodney Brown as the Black ‘funk’ version!

    When Rodney was ‘on’ he was the funkiest drummer in the world! His bass-drum work (on a tiny 20″ bass drum) practically DEFINED funk… that ever-so-slightly delayed ‘ONE’ beat. The ‘skewed’ way he would break up a simple 4/4 groove. This is shit that can’t be TAUGHT. You either ‘have it’ or you don’t. He definitely HAD IT!

    I should probably mention that Rick Porter played bass in that group. He’d started out as a bassist, and was scary good at it! On his Danelectro ‘Longhorn’ bass, he’d mastered Jack Bruce’s virtuoso bits and had an astounding sense of rhythm! Rick and Rodney were amazing together!

    But I perhaps digress…

    Rodney was also an incorrigible user of booze and dope… he’d often show up late and sometimes not be in any condition to play. Therein lies my story:

    Back ‘in the day’ as it were, the idea of a ‘Battle of the Bands’ idea was a going concern. ‘High Voltage’ was invited to play at one of the biggest venues in the area, “JD’s” (on Scottsdale Rd. near the Salt ‘riverbottom’). It was originally a typical Country bar, but had expanded such that TWO bands played at once, one upstairs and one downstairs…

    And so, (long story short)… we played at a ‘battle of the bands’ at “JD’s” and we’d gotten into only the second song when ‘ROT-ney’ passed dead out! Literally unconscious! His head laying on the snare drum! Talk about AWKWARD! ;-}

    We were SO pissed!
    It goes without saying that we DIDN’T win THAT ‘Battle of the Bands’!

    Comment on 2010/10/13 @ 5:42 pm

  10. Max wrote,

    Great stuff. Start working on the screenplay Byronius!

    Comment on 2010/10/13 @ 8:40 pm

  11. byronius wrote,

    JD’s became ‘Whiskey River’ in the late seventies, I think. My sister got caught going there as a teen. Her punishment was nonexistent. Meanwhile, I got The Shit ™ for — uhhh, not being an asshole. Remember the trampoline place?

    All great drummers are drunken loons. All shitty drummers are financially sensible and avoid intoxicants. Axiomatic.

    I’ll need more. Much more. For instance — groupies? Makeup? Costumes? Gang fights with rival bands? Windshield crawling at 200 mph high on mescaline, trying to make it to the Mexican border before the Black Beauties really kick in?

    You know — the detail. Flesh it out, Sky. The ambience.

    Comment on 2010/10/13 @ 10:47 pm

  12. SkyHarbor wrote,

    Actually, I DO remember the ‘trampoline place’ you refer to. Can’t have been more than a couple of blocks away from JD’s on the same side of Scottsdale Rd…. I always thought those sharp edged holes in the ground were a major law suit just waiting to happen! ;-}

    I’m really not so sure an Albik Trizz based ‘made for TV’ movie is such a great idea… we rarely got so wasted (at least at gigs) as to compete with “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, but maybe some kind of ‘composite’ image might be worth a shot…

    As Albik Trizz and in my own spin-offs, we did lots of ‘midnight jams’. Dan Harkins, scion of the Harkin’s theatre empire, was (and still is) a friend from Scottsdale High School, and we were able to set up several after-hours gigs at the Los Arcos theatre (Scottsdale Rd. and McDowell). A great venue in that it had an actual STAGE in front of the screen. At first, these were really nothing more than late-night ‘blues’ jams. But BELIEVE me, you haven’t DIED until you’ve listened to 12 mediocre guitar players meander through 20 minute meaningless and boring guitar soli! ;-}

    And so, I decided to kick things ‘up a notch’ and attempt to produce an actual SHOW. Assuming that our potential patrons would generally be well ‘toasted’ by midnight, and influenced by the Beatles/Beans/Tubes shenanigans, the idea of putting on skits in the middle of the show was a guiding principle. So we had Susan and Krista in a scantily attired wrestling match… (nice!)… pre-David Bowie lamé outfits… and even some anti-Vietnam War political vitriol… we were SOOOO hip! ;-}

    One of our fans even welded together an 8-foot robot construction (a story in itself!) for one show, built upon the chopped remains of a stolen Basha’s grocery cart. All was well until we realised that the ‘stage’ was NOT level and indeed slanted slightly forward… the poor bastard hiding in the ‘robot’ rolled right up to the edge of the stage and only escaped grievous injury by us holding him back and front row audience members holding the construction up!

    Hey Steveareno, you can jump in anyplace here! ;-}

    Comment on 2010/10/14 @ 3:04 am

  13. Steveareno wrote,

    Albik Trizz was a vehicle to push the envelope of standard composition and performance. In a age where musicians where misfits, we where the misfits among our peers. Therefore, the actual stage time was limited but well documented on tape and lore.

    Other than the material and costumes our concerts where tame by standards. The exception was the “Family Night” concert at SCC. In mid-set there was a “commercial” (just like TV). Sky’s younger brother, Cameron AKA Frank Discussion, came out on stage and made an urgent plea on the importance of good feminine hygiene. He then proceeded to produce a can of aerosol spray of questionable ingredients and spritzes down the audience. With a satisfied smile he announced the name of this new wonder product. “Ummmmm….Cumquat”.

    Sky then proceeds to put the cherry on this familial dog and pony show by trotting out his mother. And she looks radiant in her red cocktail dress, hair beautifully styled and only slightly unbalanced. She pleasantly greets the crowd and we begin the intro to the “The St. Louis Blues”. And the woman CAN SING!!!!!! She is belting out heart tugging vocals and working the stage like a pro. I thought it was a ringer but it was Sky’s Mom. The audience exploded into applause and true to form, the Diva thanked them and then disappeared into the night with only a faint trace of perfume and Scotch left behind. It was beautiful!

    Comment on 2010/10/15 @ 7:20 am

  14. SkyHarbor wrote,

    A poster image from one of my midnight ‘extravaganzas’ from the era survives:

    This was a time when I had to buy ‘press on’ lettering and laboriously place and burnish each letter… Some things really ARE better now! ;-}

    I think Steveareno had split to play in a ‘real’ band in the Midwest by this time…

    Comment on 2010/10/15 @ 12:13 pm

  15. SkyHarbor wrote,

    re: my Mom and the St. Louis Blues:
    A fond memory! One of my Mom’s last truly happy moments…
    Actually, back in my mother’s ‘salad days’ she HAD been a ‘pro’ singer in Minneapolis… even once sub’d for a sick singer in Tommy Dorsey’s big band for a couple of weeks. So she DID know her way around a ‘standard’! ;-}

    Comment on 2010/10/15 @ 12:21 pm

  16. New Worlds » From the ancient vaults… seafood delight!… wrote,

    […] lo-rez YouTube item originally embedded here has been removed. Click here for the new and improved versions! (updated 19 October, […]

    Pingback on 2010/10/18 @ 11:08 pm

  17. GilaMonster wrote,

    Other details for the “Albik Trizz” screenplay, subplots, back story:

    After Rick Porter was voted off the ‘Trizz island…he moved quickly to put another ‘Trizz type band together (called Zeelism playing all new original “art” music …compose entirely by Porter …all in the ‘Trizz genre…what we all really cared about…there was no money in this…so we played “commercial” gigs…as Sky mentioned with the black soul R&B funk players of south Phoenix…I can confirm all Sky says is exactly as I remember…I also played with Rodney (“ROT ney”) Brown… baddest funk drummer ever… would show up with snare, high hat, and bass drum…that was it…played his ass off…I was recruited by Rick Porter to play bass and guitar in south Phoenix black night clubs with characters like vocalist / “song stylist” Bobby Barnes (carried a .22 caliber pistol called “little roscoe” in his boot on stage; kept “big roscoe” in his car); ex-original member of Dyke and the Blazers tenor sax player Bernard “Barn-yard” Williams; gay black drummer “Delmar Williams” drove a ’58 cadillac pimped out…(classic 1970s)…who played entire drum solos using solely the bass drum…one gig was at the “After Hours Club” where as a member of the “Versitile Four”…music started at 12:00 am (closing time was 1:00 am for legal bars in Phoenix) and lasted until 5:00 am …flyer from this gig has fried chicken grease on it… but back to Zeelism:
    Porter recruited me and two friends as “replacements” for ‘Trizz counterparts: me, Roger Thames, on guitar (for Voton Howard); Steve Saunders bass (for Steve Hackney); and Cory Paisley drums (for Ed Pierson); in fact the post-Trizz bands played at the same midnight cinema show circa 1973: Zeelism (Porter’s band) played first at midnight; followed by Divine Decadence (Kurt Howard’s band) around 2:00 a.m. This show included “robot made from a shopping cart” etc. mentioned above. Later in 1973…Divine Decadence high profile gig was opening act for “Little Feat” (led by popular blues slide guitarist Lowell George) held at Phoenix Giants stadium on a Saturday afternoon…Kurt’s amazing finale: “Third Stone from the Sun” …wild Hendrix style guitar feedback sustained note with left hand while right hand held a long torch igniting hydrogen balloons floating above the stage in a series of three huge fireballs …I heard he singed his eyebrows …shortly after that gig I split from Porter and was recruited by Kurt to play in the “commercial gig” version of Divine Decadence…highlights include the “Poodles Edition” …we literally dressed up in Poodle costumes (homemade) at a battle of the bands to spoof competitor bands (remember “poodle like” glam rock bands dress and attitude back in the 1970s e.g., David Bowie etc?…well…the crowd and promoters of the contest were not amused…) another gig I can’t remember is one where entire band took LSD before playing at a dive bar in Casa Grande AZ…….finally what script would be complete without sexy subplots… Porter’s girlfriend at the time had several “back door men” who would “visit” her while Porter was working a 1:00 a.m to 5:00 a.m. shift driving a truck for the Arizona Republic newspaper……also I remember being suprised walking into Voton’s Divine Decadence “band house” one afternoon…in the middle of a high school day…to see the squeaky clean and innocent (so I thought) high school girl who turned out to be class valda “dick” torian…(she left as I arrived at the band house…I said “what was SHE doing here?” I was told that “she likes to have sex swinging from trees”…a fact she later confirmed to me herself…as they said back then: “put that in your pipe and smoke it…” BTW I distinctly remember Kurt’s mom had a black evening gown (not red) and I believe she wore elbow length white gloves…while singing “St. Louis Blues”…which featured a Coltrane-esqe C-melody sax solo by Voton Howard…the crowd went wild…

    Comment on 2010/10/27 @ 9:21 pm

  18. SkyHarbor wrote,

    GilaMonster: As I recall, we put something else in our pipe and we ALL smoked it! ;-}

    Here’s the after-hours gig poster you mention (via offline e-communication):

    (can’t you can practically smell that deep-soul-fried chicken?)

    Thanks for posting your recollections!… I sometimes fear that many reading my comments have thought “No WAY! He’s making this shit up! It couldn’t REALLY have happened like that!”. Well, it DID.

    I had lost the ‘Electric Poodles’ episode to the (well, my) mists of time! Wow! You haven’t seen what an attractive man I really am until you’ve seen me in pink leotards with fake-fur ‘poofs’ and felt ‘ears’! Yowza! ;-}

    You’d better BELIEVE I toasted my eyebrows at the Phoenix Stadium gig! That was pure hydrogen in 10-foot weather balloons! ka-BOOM-WHOOOSH! Even Little Feat were amused and invited us back to their trailer for a friendly ‘herbally enhanced’ chat… nice guys actually!

    I DO take slight issue with GilaMonster’s description of my C-sax solo as ‘Coltrane-esque’… I felt it had a much more Pharaoh Sanders feel to it! ;-}

    Comment on 2010/10/27 @ 10:40 pm

  19. SkyHarbor wrote,

    My son Ian posted a comment on Facebook a couple of days ago that he’d played the whole mess over speakers at work… and apparently nobody threw anything or even complained! He even claimed that they liked it! Maybe he was just humouring the Old Man, but still pretty damned remarkable considering it was done long before any of them were even BORN! ;-}

    Comment on 2010/10/29 @ 2:22 am

  20. Max wrote,

    I think I have some new things to do with that time machine we were talking about a while back. Who knows… maybe there will be (were always?) flash time traveler crowds at Triz & friends gigs.

    Comment on 2010/10/29 @ 8:34 am

  21. GilaMonster wrote,

    Got several hits Google: “rodney brown” drummer

    J. V. Hunt (saxophone), Richard Cason (organ) and Rodney Brown (drums)) Artco 45-101 – Funky Broadway – Part 1 / Funky Broadway – Part 2 – 1966 (written by … – Cached – Similar

    Steve Jordan: Artists: Modern Drummer Magazine
    But the drummer on “Funky Broadway” and “We Got More Soul,” whether it was Rodney Brown, Willie Earl, or “Baby” Wayne Peterson, was tremendously funky. … – Cached

    read text of interview – FUNKY DRUMMER : JIM PAYNE
    And there’s a great drummer named Rodney Brown who played with Dyke & The Blazers during the mid-’60s who was also a proponent of that beat. ……/press_MD_0011_trans.html – Cached – SimilarThe Great Drummers of R&B Funk & Soul – Google Books Result

    Jim Payne, Harry Weinger, Jim Payne – 2006 – Biography & Autobiography – 248 pages
    Who was James Brown’s drummer? This project began when I transcribed a few pages of … I would certainly like to find Rodney Brown who played on “Funky ……

    Comment on 2010/10/29 @ 8:23 pm

  22. GilaMonster wrote,

    Sky: Lots of web hits I didn’t expect to find: did we know at the time we were playing with these guys…they would have a few KB of fame on the web? I knew very little background about Rodney Brown and Bernard Williams at the time… Edit please…

    Google “bernard williams” dyke and

    Search Resultsdyke
    Dyke And The Blazers (members Arlester Christian, Alvester Jacobs, Bernard Williams, Clarence Towns, Alvin Battle, Will Earl, Richard Cason and Rodney Brown … – Cached – Similar

    dyke and blazers
    Today Dyke and the Blazers are a vague legend in Buffalo’s black music … Jacobs and Blazers’ saxophonist Bernard Williams say they helped write it. … – Cached

    Dyke and The Blazers Carl La Rue and his Crew, backup band for the O’Jays … and on tenor sax Bernard Williams, all local musicians to ultimately form Dyke … – Cached

    The Billboard book of top 40 hits – Google Books Result
    Joel Whitburn – 2004 – Music – 852 pages
    … Bernard Williams and Clarence Towns (saxophones), Alvin Battle (bass) and Willie Earl (drums). Dyke was shot to death on 3/30/71 (age 28). ……

    That same year Dyke pulled out of the abyss and they were back playing their … He is survived by his mother, Bernard Williams, Al Jacobs, … – Cached – Similar

    It’s Great Shakes: Dyke and the Blazers on It’s Great Shakes’ 3rd …
    Jun 27, 2008 … In addition to Dyke, the Blazers included Alvester “Pig” Jacobs (lead guitar), Otis Tolliver (bass), Bernard Williams (saxophone), … – Cached – Similar

    Alvin Battle – Pipl Profile
    Funky Broadway,Original Sound,Arlester Christian,Dyke And The Blazers,So Sharp … Alvester “Pig” Jacobs (guitar), Bernard Williams (saxophone), … – Similar

    Comment on 2010/10/29 @ 8:48 pm

  23. GilaMonster wrote,

    OK…last post about Dyke and Blazers …link below has Youtube clip on original band …Sky: I think I can recognize Rodney (upper left) and Bernard (lower left) …they are much younger in the photo…which does not identify who is who…do you recognize who is who?

    Comment on 2010/10/29 @ 9:01 pm

  24. GilaMonster wrote,

    Sky: Divine Decadence was one of the opening acts for Little Feat …the other was Bob Meighan band ….picture of that band with caption “Opening for Little Feat Phoenix Giants Stadium 1973” is at link:

    I believe the overhead wire that held the hydrogen balloons can be seen near the PA speaker in photo…which means you played after them?

    Comment on 2010/10/29 @ 9:23 pm

  25. GilaMonster wrote,

    Little Feat website search band’s prior tour dates: city as “Tempe” date 8/1/73 venue “unknown” …must be the Phoenix Giants stadium gig… Sky: edit please

    Comment on 2010/10/29 @ 9:40 pm

  26. SkyHarbor wrote,

    GilaMonster: I’ll go back and check the Dyke stuff later, but on the Phoenix Stadium gig, I don’t remember the order of the bands except Little Feat must have played last?

    But your comment on the overhead wire reminded me of a nice tidbit on that gig… You may recall that besides the exploding balloons, we put a guy (Chris Coffin) in a full-body pyro suit (complete with cowl and pyrex faceplate) on stage. we then doused him with STP gas treatment and LIT HIM UP! So during “Third Stone From The Sun” this poor hapless clod was stumbling around the stage in raging flames!

    Being even then not a complete tyro, I KNEW that if we told the stage crew what we had in mind they’d NEVER allow it (it’s easier to ask forgiveness after the fact than permission before)… and we DID bring a couple of fire extinguishers! ;-}

    So when we lit the stage on fire… the crew went totally apeshit and were running all over the stage pulling cables and trying to get the sound gear out of our perceived trajectories!

    After the set, they were seriously PISSED… and I seriously didn’t GIVE A SHIT. (nobody DIED, and we destroyed NOTHING by the way… except for my eyebrows ;-}). Chris Coffin survived his ‘trial by fire’ but WAS broiled to a rather lovely shade of LOBSTER! ;-}

    Comment on 2010/10/29 @ 10:45 pm

  27. 1 wrote,


    Comment on 2012/07/15 @ 8:33 pm

  28. Johnny D. wrote,

    To Sky and GilaMon,
    This is some of the funniest stuff I have read in a long time!!!! I was on the West Coast flogging records for most of the 70’s, but to read these stories of what I missed then and again three years ago when this stuff was posted…I can’t stop laughing. And yes Rodney Brown was the Funky Drummer on Funky Broadway. He’s still around as far as I know, as is my pal Alvin Battle, who played the bass in The Blazers after Dyke started singing in front of the band.
    The reason that I’m even here, is that I was looking for info on the Divine Decadence record from 1973, Art Kruglick etc. and found this posting. God I love the internet. And yes Sky, I can smell the grease on the flyer….
    Best to you always Sky Harbor and Gila Mon.
    Johnny D.

    Comment on 2013/11/08 @ 9:07 pm

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