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  • Targeting Target Targeters

    byronius, 2015/08/17 


    After Target announced that they would be making their toy section gender neutral—no signs demarcating toys for “girls” or “boys”—some people were upset by the move and took to Target’s Facebook page. They didn’t expect the response they got from user Mike Melgaard, who pretended to be an official Target customer service account.

    All Melgaard needed to fuel outrage and confusion was a Facebook account he created called Ask ForHelp that sported Target’s bullseye logo. Ask ForHelp was obviously not verified, but most people didn’t care, interacting with Melgaard and growing increasingly irate as he trolled their gender neutral hatin’ ways. Ars Technica points out that “rather than checking for a verified blue checkmark,” they believed that Ask ForHelp was legit at first glance and sought repeatedly to report him to Target overlords. When Melgaard screencapped his shenanigans and posted them to Facebook, the prank went viral.

    The comments following Target’s toy signage announcement are surprisingly nasty. It’s evident from some of the posts that people weren’t sure what the announcement meant, accusing Target of a wide range of politically correct capitulations and declaring their intention to now shop at Walmart. Usually such comments would go unread or receive a neutral customer service response. Melgaard had other plans.

    I Do Not Believe In This Max Character.

    byronius, 2015/08/13 

    Invisible hands, indeed. Conveniently away from the blog at all times, until something like this post triggers the code.

    Have you ever met him in person? Me either, not that I remember.

    I bet it ‘responds’ soon enough, now that I’ve called it out.

    #$^@#$%^%@ NSA Avatar.

    American Exceptualism:

    SkyHarbor, 2015/08/05 

    Straight-up Rock’n’Roll…

    SkyHarbor, 2015/08/03 

    Dave Grohl & Co. learnin’ to fly…

    The Hidden Dimension…

    SkyHarbor, 2015/08/01 


    with music by Pink Floyd!

    for Max. the Sands of Mars… A.C. Clarke

    SkyHarbor, 2015/07/31 


    byronius, 2015/07/30 

    hoardy little hoarders like to murder
    mmmmmm murrrrrrderrrrrr
    money means you can murder
    and I say: why not? let’s do this
    got enough money? you can now hunt the poor!
    imagine the fun of stalking your victim through the trash alleys
    blam blam blam and strip the takings
    heads on the wall! mmmmmm
    it’s legal! we made it legal! thank god for citizens united
    before that we all had to suffer from the plague
    of common-sensy no-murder laws
    welcome to the FUTURE
    mmmmmmm murrrrrrderrrrrr
    pay to slay
    it’s the only way!
    fun fun fun under the sun that made us all!
    but no murdering murderous conservatives, please
    they’re sensitive
    they alone have real feelings
    because god
    and from being in their body
    not yours
    or that other guys
    blam blam blam blam hahahahahahaha!


    SkyHarbor, 2015/07/24 

    “Minimalism” may be summarised by “get rid of all that incredible fluff!”…

    Rendezvous With Rama – A.C.Clarke…


    A classic fron one of Science Fiction’s Masters!
    A complete audiobook…

    I always thought it could make a good film…and no monoliths!

    A little Holy Toledo.

    byronius, 2015/07/20 

    Smokin’. That’s Mother Effing Nature, right there. A mere tick compared to larger events, but still respectable.

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