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  • Central Planning Goes Partridge Family. It’s Hippie China!

    byronius, 2015/10/31 

    It’s true! They wouldn’t fake this. VW Bus! I think I saw Grace Slick!


    byronius, 2015/10/29 

    This dude is AWESOME.

    To all the girla I’ve loved…

    SkyHarbor, 2015/10/28 

    And He Melted Into Nothingness.

    byronius, 2015/10/26 


    Flying Naked Man.


    Backpacking this summer with Will and his friend Eric Guerzon, we were on the trail and riffing on various ideas. I came up with an idea for ‘Flying Naked Man’, the gist of which was that the world’s first real superhero would discover that if he took off all his clothes he could float gently up into the air.

    Problem being, a culture steeped in Thor and Iron Man would expect far more from the first real superhero. So, at first he’s all famous, and even gets a girlfriend. After an unfortunate incident involving an orphanage fire that shows just how useless his superpower is, he loses the girlfriend, withdraws from the mass media scorn, and returns to his small life, occasionally going outside to strip naked and float up into the night sky just for fun.

    I had pitched it to the boys as a full-length script idea I was thinking of writing. Eric said he wanted to make a short film using the story and enter it in a contest; I agreed. He said he would credit me, and he does, at the end.

    Flying Naked Man. Useless as a superhero; righteously cool as a human being.


    SkyHarbor, 2015/10/23 

    ’nuff said?

    Max, 2015/10/22 

    Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.31.29 PM

    Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption…


    There’s one born every´second!


    byronius, 2015/10/19 


    Rancho Paranoia…

    SkyHarbor, 2015/10/17 

    We were affluently afraid.. .


    During the Cold War, it was a very different time in this country. It was a time of national paranoia and fear. In the Los Angeles area, this county’s military was looking to protect it, and the west coast. from Russian bomber strikes. Two of these bases were with-in the borders of the old Rancho La Puente… and we were thankful….