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byronius, 2016/04/18 

Elvis Costello’s famous performance that got him banned from SNL for twelve years.

Madison, sing it!

Max, 2016/04/14 

14 yr old Madison Kimrey totally schools Ted Cruz.

Early she had provided some prime education for Sister Sarah of the Tundra,

Here is her campaign song when she decides to run for Prez:

Kid’s got some guts.

Don’t pretend to be a nerd

Max, 2016/04/12 

Haven’t watched this show in too long.


byronius, 2016/03/31 

oooo and they arrive to rescue us from this life thing
now you live forever and you’re young and have all sorts of superpowers
and lots of worlds to play in however you want
good luck
and so in one of my worlds i’m driving an el torino with the top down
on some california desert highway cool wind in my hair
whippets and weed and wine and autopilot heading for the ocean
coupla old friends with vegan pizza and deep thoughts
afternoon moon hanging in the sky
peg on the eight track
i’m going to study surfing for a hundred years
and write another book about christopher gecik

The Jupiter Sheep Live At The Playwright’s Theater.

byronius, 2016/03/16 

Even earlier. Freaking Dawn Of Time Early.

Jupiter Sheep Live At The Candlerock.

byronius, 2016/03/15 

Very Early On. Starring Jennifer Paige-Ward and a herd of Intel’s Weirdos, assorted other weirdos, Simon Oblivious Moon, Soren Kierkegaard, and the only surviving footage of the actual Jupiter Sheep Treehouse.

This was a little hard for me to watch. Very Early On, as I said. I posted it in its entirety, bravely or stupidly we shall eventually see.

Oh god.


Max, 2016/03/14 

He Needs A Bogel For The Glotch.

byronius, 2016/03/03 

Aw. They’re all so fucking crazy and evil, it’s like we’re living in an end-of-the-world movie. Or a Heinlein novel or something.

You know, Sky lights up the Sheep Beacon and then disappears as soon as someone answers. It’s disconcertational.

Maybe the Riddler got him. Frank Gorshin always scared me. Sky can deal with the Penguin, or the Joker — but the Riddler —

To the Sheepmobile!

Dr Ben Goertzel

Max, 2016/02/21 

This guy has become my favorite thinker of late. Clearly not for everyone as I recently tried playing this for Steve Green and Horsebadordies. Steve was clearly horrified and the Horse longed for a bird to perch on Ben and shit on his head for some strange reason. Regardless, it is my opinion that Goertzel is a f’n genius. This clip was kind of a pop distillation of his thoughts on where AI could be going. If the above doesn’t elicit the kind of reactions described above and you want to dive into something a little meatier, have a shot at the 23 page PDF linked here:

In a nutshell, which no doubt does his paper a great disservice, what Ben is saying – or at least implying – is that the future of AI is not something to necessarily fear. Rather, the great probability is that it will result in a sort of corrective to many of humanities greatest demons; our irrational tendencies arising from problematic programming which weights archaic and unhelpful value systems too highly (e.g., tribalism and puritanical attitudes toward procreation).

My tweet in response to Ben:

Ready for AI drivers


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