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  • I love where I work

    Max, 2015/02/24 

    but this is funny…

    Itaipu – I dam well WILL…


    A huge hydroelectric dam complex damming the Parana River between Brasil and Paraguay. The largest dam in the Western hemisphere, it is surpassed in energy output only by the Chinese “Three Gorges” hydro dam (~100 TWH/y). That is a LOT of juice! It is also a cantata by Philip Glass with which you may not be familiar. What do you think?

    BTW: My Akhnaten post IS the complete opera score, so you may ignore freely. ;-)

    Wikipedia: Itaipu Dam

    Er, Um…

    SkyHarbor, 2015/02/20 

    Nice collection by Frank & the boys. See what you think…

    The Butternut Bathysphere: in 6 parts…

    SkyHarbor, 2015/02/19 

    Butternut Bathysphere 1/6 from Sky Harbor on Vimeo.

    She Loves You, Sorta! Kinda! Sorta!…
    Los Beatles, at their animated best!
    (although the Fabs had little to do with it! ‘cept the songs o’course)

    part 2/6: https://vimeo.com/119087307
    part 3/6:
    part 4/6:
    part 5/6:
    part 6/6:

    I hope you like it!
    FUnny, you don’t LOOK Bluish! ;-)

    Nothing but sky.

    byronius, 2015/02/17 

    And he doth fly. He high-flies from the top of the stairs.

    Not So Evil.


    All right, Evil. Talk about yer False Profits. One wonders, with the filth that spews from this man, what the fuck is he not saying out loud? What is his mind like? What is his cerebral cortex positively vibrating with?

    Clue: ‘Inappropriate Sexual Thoughts’. Thanks for the proper terminology, Maxell.

    Dude major creeps me out.


    byronius, 2015/02/16 

    She’s got a bunch of great videos.

    next door

    byronius, 2015/02/14 

    starry starry night
    reach out and i’ll be there
    back in black and floating high
    i never was one for sweet talk
    separated at birth
    i roamed a thousand miles
    stuck my head inside an oven
    i am He
    what I meant I should have said
    but wrote a thousand times
    never too late oh yes it is
    sad beef
    you’ve linked to me
    now i shall carry you
    for a thousand years
    romeo I am here
    no need to ask
    the unnamed the unknown the untended
    standing in the back of the car
    black wind in my hair
    raise my arms I raise my hands
    fuck you john batton
    i live still albeit a little
    and under heavy rocks
    one summer night I stepped from the studio
    looked up and saw
    something i may not say
    i would tell you
    but no
    look as if a dream
    dream as if a life
    sweet kiss
    the sweetness of your kiss

    February 14th: If you know what’s good for you…


    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I’m Vaping on the Titan Sub.

    byronius, 2015/02/13 


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