Enough of this shit

Not the Trump nonsense. That will go on and on I’m sure until he’s done enough damage to the world and himself to get booted from power. If he doesn’t end up behind bars where he should be, I have confidence that his reputation and that of the enabling Republican party will be in tatters. Just a matter of hopefully not too much time.

No. What I’m sick of is reality sticking it in my face that I’m getting older. Since learning of my wife’s BC a little over a year or so ago, I’ve had one health scare after another, most of which turned out to be greatly exaggerated and overwrought in my imagination. Once you know cancer intimately it seems every ache and pain must be stage 4 of something. I felt I was on to the pattern when the latest came up – a little odd-looking bump on my nose. My wife commented a couple of times that I should have it checked out and I finally relented and went to the dermatologist for it. As I walked in to the waiting room I felt a little ashamed of making this big of a deal of it. I expected him to say I was fine and healthy and dismiss me to deal with people with real problems.

After a quick look at the harmless little mole or wart or whatever I was quite startled to hear him say, “this appears to be skin cancer so better get this biopsied.” Two days later the confirmation came. Basal skin carcinoma. The best cancer to get, apparently, easily treatable and not a threat to survival in any way. Still, for the next day and a half I felt about a hundred years old and spiraling rapidly down to an early grave. After the past year of way too many doctor’s appointments, minor and not so minor procedures and examinations, and the baseless fears I’d encountered, being told I really had cancer just felt like the last straw. For the rest of the following day – yesterday – I was an emotional mess.

Just woke up from a dream in which I was interviewing for a very cool job with a tech startup and was presenting my qualifications and ambitious plans for the position. I can’t remember anything about the job except that I felt ready to take it on and excel. Apparently there’s a little more fight left in the old subconscious after all. Instead of moping all day and reloading web pages to see if Trump’s been impeached yet maybe I’ll start taking on that web course in React Native I’ve been putting off, then maybe take a long bike ride and work on a few new songs.

This little biological bump on the road isn’t the last straw. There will be many straws to come, and one of them will do me in some day, but there is an awful lot of unfinished business to take on right now. Enough of this shit.

Lisa Randall – Geek Goddess

I highly recommend this talk. It inspired me to get the book, which unfortunately came in audiobook format and not read by the author. After seeing the talk it was kind of hard to sync the voice with the real scientist. Still, the content was awesome. Randall covers the topic in great depth, including a lot of context regarding the history of scientific discovery and understanding of meteor impacts, a subject I regret not making the focus of my career. What a dumbshit I was in college! The theory is surprisingly straightforward (and amazingly cool) but it’s much better to hear it from Lisa so watch the talk.

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“It is an abomination”

The Plum Line, By Paul Waldman
Washington Post, May 4 at 2:45 PM

Here at the Plum Line, we write a lot about the mechanics of politics — the processes of governing, the interplay of political forces, the back-and-forth between citizens and lawmakers, and so on. We do that because it’s interesting and because it winds up affecting all our lives. But there are moments when you have to set aside the mechanics and focus intently on the substance of what government does — or in this case, what government is trying to do.

I won’t mince words. The health-care bill that the House of Representatives passed this afternoon, in an incredibly narrow 217-to-213 vote, is not just wrong, or misguided, or problematic or foolish. It is an abomination. If there has been a piece of legislation in our lifetimes that boiled over with as much malice and indifference to human suffering, I can’t recall what it might have been. And every member of the House who voted for it must be held accountable.

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Gregg Schneider’s extremely coherent take on the Russian thing.

I’ve facebook-friended this gentleman, and now I get a daily dose of cogent analysis on the most important issue of our time from a thoughtful and well-informed source.

He’s awesome. This is from April 27th. Brilliant.

Gregg Schneider
April 27 at 9:45pm

I hope this story and my associated analysis truly helps many of you who are feeling terrible angst that millions of us are at the moment:

I have some unfortunate personal experience with the DOJ and FBI firsthand. One must be quite patient with them as they continue to work on the what is perhaps the most complex and important case in American & political history. I will explain my thoughts as best I can and reveal some very personal things that even some of my closest friends do not know, in order to try to help explain why the time that is passing and making many of us crazy, is completely normal and actually a good thing, ultimately. This is all so incredibly serious and needs to be dealt with perfectly and precisely so no one escapes justice.

In late 2004, my father was running what was purportedly a hedge fund since 1997, with all the investors being family or close friends. He literally disappeared and went into hiding one day during a scheduled trip, leaving my mom and me to deal with an insane disaster he created. The fund had actually been a Ponzi Scheme, it all came to light very quickly and shockingly. My family was rightfully enraged and suspected the worst, as they should have. They waited a few weeks for him to return and then called the FBI. Of note- my wonderful great Aunt, the main victim, along with her two kids, my cousins, have Senator Charles Schumer’s mother as a 1st/2nd cousin and they were gigantic supporters of him in his early Senate career. They are incredibly wealthy, generous, amazing people. If anyone could gently try to use favors to speed up a Federal investigation, it was them. To be blunt, my father did what he did and he nearly destroyed my entire family so I had no problem with their actions were behind the scenes, whatever they may have been, I will never know.

My father had vanished that day in December 2004, and sent cryptic notes once in a while via regular mail and was destroying my life and my mom’s with stress and angst and pressure and had harmed people I loved. All this being said, the FBI moved so sloooowly. 7 months later, my father called me out of the blue. After screaming at him, he admitted he needed to come home and take his punishment and he reappeared when I hired an attorney- he said he could not bear being away from my mother any longer. The FBI was busy building a case, so, so slowly. It involved subpoenas to people and banks and other entities and some witnesses and victim statements etc. On and on it went, torturing everyone involved. Boxes upon boxes of evidence were gathered, I have seen a giant chunk of it. All the waiting did was make me more and more angry. I wanted closure. Even my dad did, I believe.

Meanwhile, my family was fractured and they often went months without speaking to me, understandably so. Over time they came to realize I was his victim too and I was able to repair things so well that we are all closer today than we were before this nightmarish debacle happened- family is SO important to me.

Incredibly, 16 months later, the FBI stormed into my parents’ garage, guns drawn and nastily arrested my dad in front of my crying and torn apart lovely mother. I am glad I did not see that. I bailed him out a week later at massive financial cost, a huge cash bail, thankfully my money was not tainted or intertwined with his whatsoever so I could do that. I could not understand what took so long on what was an absolute slam dunk case.

The FBI builds cases so incredibly meticulously, as they should. The DOJ wins 97 percent of the cases it files for good reason. As I write this, I am looking at their 250 page sentencing memorandum, destroying my dad to pieces with what he did and all the frauds, lies and mismatched stories. One can damn well understand why I am so incredibly sensitive to lies, frauds and conartists/cons– all embodied in Mr. Donald J. Trump. They wanted an airtight case. It forced him to plead guilty. I will not get into the rest of that story, it is not pertinent here and I have discussed it enough in the past.

SO..imagine an FBI working with the NSA, CIA, multiple foreign intelligence entities, tens of thousands of documents, other evidence, a dozen or more potential defendants who perhaps committed: treason, other high crimes, money laundering, collusion with an enemy foreign power, obstruction of justice and much, much more. Even with hundreds of agents working on this, it is unfathomable. If the DOJ tries to fuck around once all this is gathered and does not move to bring as many charges as they should, you can bet we will have another “Deep Throat” patriot type come forward and spew forth things. That being said, I believe the DOJ WILL do their job once the FBI et al have finished building their cases. This is all too important.

It all takes time. Effort, resolve, patriotism and great care. They would be working, as we speak, to try to turn one lowlife against the other and bring them to justice in a massive way. An insanely complex, multi pronged gigantic puzzle you want to be totally complete. It is hard to grasp what these people most likely did, so brazenly, and how they did it. Comey has gone massively against a sitting Republican President in the past, famously so, in 2004. That was child’s play compared to this utterly insane far reaching scandal. I know firsthand the angst and pain one feels waiting for justice to be handed down. I want Comey and NY Attorney General Schneiderman in NY, to do what they need to do. To build incredibly damaging and destructive cases against any of these fiends who have violated the sanctity of our country and all that is good and that we believe in.

I no longer really care about the 40 percent of America who are full of hate or blind to the truth. I am sick of the lies and craziness, and off the charts lack of reason and logic involved in supporting a pathological liar and lifelong proven conman. Trump is a very mentally impaired and depraved man who finally took his cons one sick step too far while purposefully dividing us with those lies and bigotry he so relies on with his inner circle and cohorts. I cannot handle the “fake news” idiocy and all of it, it is like we are living in a different reality. They truly deserve Trump. We do not.

Let the intelligence agencies, the FBI and others do their jobs and do them perfectly. I believe this will all begin to come to a gigantic head in the coming months and happen in tranches as one by one people strive to save their own asses from complete destruction and turn on others.

Patience is NOT my thing. Be patient as you possibly can. We all must have it here and now in order to stay sane and let people protect our country from very sick and greedy people. Comey and gang will surprise us all in the end. I sense there will be MORE people taken down in this scandal than any of us suspect. Remember Feinstein’s face. I know that face well. I have felt the horror before of possessing information that I knew would lead to terrible things for others, and my situation was 1/100000th as serious. Let all of it spill out as it may and I believe the karmic retribution here will be at record setting levels.

I do believe we will all be happy with the results and it will come to fruition in 2017, bigly. I am calm. I am confident justice will be FULLY served to many people- most likely even in the coming months as I have long suspected. I shared my story to illustrate that the wheels of justice move how they move, often mysteriously, and seemingly slow, but when they strike, they crush.

Stay tuned.

P.S. When these truly disgusting human beings are facing their day of reckoning, I will not forgive them for their wrongs and harm caused. Evil and pure greed for power and money does not deserve such respect.
Also, I believe NY Atty General Eric Schneiderman will destroy Trump with his numerous schemes relating to massive money laundering and associated charges and also regarding his complete sham of a foundation Schneiderman has been investigating. He already nailed him hugely on Trump U.



NASA’s Cassini spacecraft ventured Wednesday into the never-before-explored region between Saturn and its rings.

But flight controllers won’t know how everything went until Thursday when they are back in touch with the craft.

Cassini was out of radio contact with Earth as it became the first spacecraft to enter the gap between Saturn and its rings. That’s because its big dish antenna was maneuvered face forward to protect science instruments from potentially damaging particles in the rings. The antenna could sustain minor damage like a small hole and still function properly, according to officials.

“We’re in a waiting period right now,” said Jim Green, director of NASA’s planetary science division. “We won’t know for a number of hours until Cassini gets in a position where it can radio back home, and so that’s one of those things that keeps us on pins and needles.”

If Cassini survives this first round, it will make 21 more crossings before its demise in September. The gap between Saturn’s atmosphere and its rings is relatively narrow: 1,200 miles, or 1,900 kilometers.

“We’re all crossing our fingers saying, ‘Oh, geez, I hope we hear from it’—and we will,” added guidance and control engineer Joan Stupik.


Awesome image gallery

Sky Harbor is perhaps thinking about this very event right now. We just can’t know. The current status of Sky Harbor is even more mysterious than that of Cassini. He’s plunging through some rings of his own right now, but with no dedicated team or telemetry to keep him on course. Goodspeed, Kurt Howard.