A somewhat different picture


This is Ian Bremmer again. He just gave the keynote speech today at the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit in Peru – substituting for Obama who cancelled late. I don’t do Facebook so have no idea how to embed this but clicking on the picture should take you to the video.

Mr. Bremmer is cautiously optimistic about a Trump presidency in some ways, but is my no means a supporter. He’s an economic and geopolitical realist with a lot of knowledge of how the world works and quite strong opinions about where it’s heading. He thinks the main difference with Trump is that he will blow off multilateralism and try to engage unilaterally with the players on the world stage. This might actually work in some cases – but for who is the question. It’s worth watching to the end but it is a lot to digest. His response to the last question was the most fascinating to me. He likened what just happened in America to the perspective of a Palestinian with a rock. After seeing all the powers that be talking about peace talks for decades, the frustration mounts to the point that you just want to pick up a rock and throw it at someone. He claims that’s what 60 million Americans just did. He says that they voted as an act of defiance to what was not working for them economically under Obama. It will be necessary for Trump to satisfy them in some way, and if his efforts fail, he will likely take us on a path more along the lines of the “Dark Days Coming” essay posted before this one.