living in a seaside town
harbor safe when weather calm
oft’ a gale known to blow
wind and waves so strong

ridge encircles gentle wall
hides the view beyond
love and pain contained within
a life known so long

perhaps time to seek a change
load pack, close the door
head upward toward that ridge
see what lays in store?

step by step begin, climb
sometimes turn, look below
wistful thought of kind return
never perfect but yes, home

in time come upon the ridge
beating heart, gasping breath
the view beyond a paradise
or darkness cold, of death?

go back now to comfort known
wonder what would have been
to live forever with regret
what promise lay unseen?

find the will for final steps
reaches only birds have flown
the view is clear and now is seen
a world, what promise, unknown

retrace the way familiar path
tell stories by the fire?
resolve to enter this new realm
engage forthwith desire